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A Mogul Of Many Talents: Dr. Patrick Pilati

A Mogul Of Many Talents: Dr. Patrick Pilati
When it comes to global entrepreneurship at the highest level, having an indisputable record when making your way to the top is not so common nowadays, but Dr. Patrick Pilati is inspiring business titans and people around the world with his untarnished reputation and seemingly unstoppable success.

Anyone who knows him will tell you that Dr. Pilati finds true joy in inspiring others and sharing with them the knowledge that he has acquired over the years, he is a figure who strives to make a positive impact. As a global thought leader, he encounters new people everyday, giving him the opportunity to make his influential mark on their minds and businesses.

Pilati is a highly respected financial strategist and also the CEO of Castro 17 Holding BV: a cutting edge, Holland based, luxury focused holding that will be offering a unique opportunity for shareholders to invest in the equine industry. It will be the first company of its nature ever listed in the Luxembourg stock exchange at the end of 2020 and is positioned to have a widespread impact.

Pilati’s company Castro 17 Holding BV also promotes Horse Pet Therapy, as the website states; “Humans and animals have always seemed to have a significant bond. The companionship can be especially beneficial to humans. Animals give us unconditional compassion, patience, and love. To have a friend in an animal is a true blessing.’’

Throughout Patrick´s illustrious career, he has developed a holistic approach to consulting, deal structuring and comprehensive strategic development. Pilati provides his exclusive client list with classified access to superior operational framework and a proven, innovative methodology.

Pilati’s biggest passion has always been strategizing on behalf of his clients and key commercial partners. He is known for his trustworthiness, his ability to see potential, and as one of his many positive LinkedIn reviews state: “When it comes to building something from the ground up then launching that to the stars, he is the vessel you would always trust to bring you to your destination.” - Marc Christian Nepomuceno.

All of his strengths combined make him a business force of nature and because of his hard and honest work, it comes as no surprise that he has become a celebrated ambassador and strategic advisor to many companies.

As ambassador of the Oman delegation at Sir Anthony Ritossa’s 11th Global Family Office Investment Under The High Patronage Of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II Of Monaco, Pilati has been able to exert a positive influence upon sensitive macroeconomic events.

The 11th Global Family Investment Summit represents 600 + elite leading family offices and ultra-high net worth individuals; representing 4.5 Trillion US dollars in wealth.

Influential figures like Pilati are inspiring people all over the world. His knowledge, success and skills prove that a positive impact among people coupled with substantial business skills, have the power to make you unstoppable.

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