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How Media Executive Zack Dykes Became the American Entrepreneur to Follow

How Media Executive Zack Dykes Became the American Entrepreneur to Follow
As we leave behind one of the most challenging years in recent history, we find it necessary to recognize talented young entrepreneurs who are actively reimagining different industries. In Texas, Zack Dykes has become an inspiration for younger generations, as the tenacious executive continues to consistently outperform industry standards.

As Regional Commercial Manager for The Eclectic Agency – named the world´s leading boutique communications and strategy firm by Forbes® - Dykes has painstakingly secured a world class portfolio of clients across select industries such as biotechnology, finance, life sciences, private equity and consumer goods.

“Zack is a gifted professional, his profound understanding of consumer dynamics and his uniquely effective client-centric approach has proven a major asset for our firm”- T.E.A. Chief Executive Alesh Ancira states.

As a young man growing up in rural Texas, Zack always had big dreams. He founded his first business straight out of school but he was never complacent. His family taught him to work hard and be humble; He certainly learned those lessons well. In a place where most people are happy to earn minimum wage, Zack always searched for something greater.

His sincere desire to understand what drives people, what clients truly care about and what they expect has become Dykes´calling card. In select business circles across America, the twenty-something executive is often praised for his strategic approach.

“I love helping our clients achieve their goals, no matter how challenging the path ahead might be. There really is no better feeling. I joined The Eclectic Agency with a clear vision, to help develop a relationship-centric business that consistently anticipates the needs of our clients and delivers accordingly.”- Dykes affirms. By providing a superior standard of personal service to all clients – big and small – executives like Zack have been able to effect a positive change in the strategic communications and public relations industry.

A new generation of entrepreneurs, like Mr. Dykes are undoubtedly disrupting every major industry. As general consumption trends continue to change, analysts and experts around the world are in awe of what younger businesspeople have been able to accomplish in a considerably short amount of time. Welcome to the new, hyper-connected modern day business world.

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