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Music and Fashion Mogul Gibson Kagni Launches Global Creative Agency

Music and Fashion Mogul Gibson Kagni Launches Global Creative Agency
Music, fashion and marketing go together, and not many people have successfully conquered these three ultra competitive industries at the highest level.

We can think of icons like Jay Z (Rocawear, RocNation, Translation Agency) and more recently Gibson Kagni (MMA Couture, GProduction, MMA Creative)

Kagni is a veteran music industry insider with multiple worldwide hit records under his belt, however it was his ambitious and relentless conquest of the urban fashion industry that catapulted the Senegalese-American businessman to the highest echelon of the game.

MMA Couture was launched by Gibson with an outstanding marketing effort and rapidly grew into a household name within celebrity circles.

His clothes are designed in Paris, painstakingly crafted in Turkey using only the finest materials and sold all around the world with A-list celebrities like Jason Derulo, Akon, Gucci Mane, T Pain and Sean Paul all becoming regular customers and routinely sporting MMA Couture hats, hoodies and t-shirts during interviews, music videos and daily life.

Gibson was quick to identify another business opportunity: he would develop and launch a global agency by the name of MMA Creative.

“I saw how people responded to our MMA Couture campaigns, and the work my team and I did for brands like Canafarma and artists like Akon, Kat de Luna and many others and thought offering these services to others who might need them to grow made sense.”-Mr. Kagni affirms.

Kagni partnered up with Alesh Ancira, CEO of The Eclectic Agency named the world´s leading boutique communications and strategy firm by Forbes® who boasts an impressive client list including brands like Aston Martin, Nobu and Hard Rock Hotels and just like that, MMA Creative was born.

“We want to empower entrepreneurs, artists and brands by providing easy access to the same creative teams that handle the big accounts, at a fraction of the cost and in a seamless, completely digital way through the MMA Creative online portal.” –Mr. Ancira states.

The agency offers a suite of business, media and branding services for brands, organizations and artists (signed and independent) and operates out of three locations: Atlanta, Paris and Tulum.

Experts agree, superior branding and marketing are some of the requirements to be successful, especially in those industries where competition is fierce, everybody needs an edge.

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