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Ratel Geneve: Crown Jewel of The New Generation of Swiss Watchmaking

  Ratel Geneve: Crown Jewel of The New Generation of Swiss Watchmaking

Historically known as the headquarters of the traditional watch world, Geneva, Switzerland, has recently begun to transform its public image with the launch of radically unconventional and futuristic watch lines that have quickly garnered international notoriety and are coming to dominate prevailing taste.

At the forefront of this new cutting-edge Swiss movement is the unapologetically audacious luxury accesible watch brand Ratel Geneve.

Like some of its higher priced counterparts, Ratel Geneve injects precise technical craftsmanship into the foundation of more multi-layered and extravagant designs, using the finest materials during its manufacturing process and building timepieces which serve as exclusive luxury status symbols.

Ratel distinguishes itself, however, through its mission to unite global leaders around its cutting edge timepieces and to build designs which signfiy the pursuit of the extraordinary. Since inception, a broad coalition of cultural leaders- from global music superstars like Akon, 50 Cent and Yandel to world class athletes like Real Madrid´s Karim Benzema, Bayern Munich´s Arturo Vidal and Switzerland national Johan Djourou - have all chosen to utilize Ratel as a symbol of their fearless spirit and the no holding back approach they take to life.

This daring and flamboyant symbolism has become Ratel’s hallmark and calling card to a new generation of more entrepreneurial-minded consumers who have abandoned conventional norms in search of the most expressive and individualistic way of signifying worldly achievement.

Ratel’s market-fit with the disposition of this powerful consumer segment has catapulted the brand into becoming a worldwide force. Many of today’s leading watch tastemakers- from authorities such as Daily Watch, Men With Class, Luxury Lifestyle Magazine , Watches Lux , Wrist Enthusiast –have validated Ratel Geneve as the iconic new luxury symbol for the modern leader and it’s current collection- the VI Degrees Collection- is widely considered to be one of the most defining watch lines of our time.

With the added advantage of being more accessibly priced than its competitors, expect to see Ratel Geneve rise mount a global Tour De Force this year and become the unequivocal new status symbol to be sought.

By Tomas Herd

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