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Discover the new conscious beauty trend that is improving the world

Discover the new conscious beauty trend that is improving the world

Breakout star Jessica Dykstra partnered up with Emily Alexandra Cosmetics to do good.

With so many beauty products on the market, conscious minded users have made a point of searching high and low for the most ethical, high quality brands available.

While this isn´t always an easy task, celebrity influencers like Jessica Dykstra have helped bridge the gap by pointing this new generation of highly engaged and self aware consumers in the direction of solid, science-backed product options like the cruelty free, vegan and waterproof selection of premium grade beauty products by Emily Alexandra Cosmetics.

The brand was created by American artist, model and entrepreneur Emily Guglielmo and has remained true to its calling since day one. By creating a highly enticing product line consisting of a fine selection of hypoallergenic and ocean safe cosmetics and donating a percentage of all worldwide sales to Supporting Water (a non-profit organization also founded by Ms. Guglielmo to help provide fresh and clean drinking water to underprivileged people in third world countries) this brand has quickly become the number one choice for environmentally cognizant consumers and humanitarian enthusiasts alike.

Emily Alexandra Cosmetics, which has recently experienced a meteoric rise on its social media following is the perfect example of the new standard in consumer beauty products and sustainable retail trends, with more and more people dedicating time and resources to researching the environmental and social footprint of their favorite brands, all signals point to a constant and uninterrupted increase in these new purchasing habits.

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