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2 Brands That Are Making Their Mark On Pop Culture

2 Brands That Are Making Their Mark On Pop Culture

The Coachella experience has grown to become much more than a music festival, this is partly because of the steady rise of bespoke luxury and lifestyle experiences designed to attract A-listers and trendsetters from all corners of the earth.This new cosmopolitan dimension has shaped the overall flavor of the festival, making it a prime destination for luxury brands to showcase their cach茅. This year was no different, with new luxury brands making waves and setting trends amongst Coachella’s tastemaker class.

1. Grey State Apparel

An understated but powerful fashion movement, championed by models and it Girls at Coachella was achieved by New York-based fashion line Grey State Apparel. Led by CEO Saima Chowdhury, Grey State is a woman-owned and operated casual luxury brand. As styled by conscious fashion leaders such as Solveig Hansen and Linda Rosenberg, Grey State offered Coachella-goers versatile looks that could take them from start of day parties through the festival and onto the afterparties.

According to Chowdhury:
“Our curated collection has an edgy sophistication that’s equal parts luxurious and laid back. Each piece has been thoughtfully designed to be trend-relevant, not trend-driven, ideal for even the busiest of lifestyles.”
Iconic Influencer Rose Bertram and model Yoli Lara showcased the brand’s diverse versatility through a suite of head turning endorsements that had a snowball effect on fashion-conscious consumers around the world.

Lara, in particular, infused some pop in the brand rocking a stunning red and white sweatpants look.

Made from soft, touchable, eco-friendly USA cotton, the collection offers versatile, eye catching looks that can be worn to elevate your every day experience while also making a statement. Grey State Apparel provides the perfect balance between action and relaxation: an existence that is graceful, easy-going, and ready for anything.

2. Klast Beauty

Another tastemaker favorite at the festival this year was crystal skincare leader Klast Beauty. Party goers, festival patrons, and performers alike used Klast Beauty heavily to rejuvenate their skin and heal it from constant exposure to the harsh desert elements

According to CEO Jennifer Kain, the brand’s mission at Coachella was simply to supply people with an all-in-one solution for stable skincare health and luminescence. Klast’s crystal quartz could deliver upon its value proposition due its to balanced PH level (which has the same acidity as human skin) and its rich red ultisol clay.

Most brands out there are unable to break down barriers and truly connect with pop culture in a relevant and compelling way, however by providing organic synergy and superior quality products, these two leading companies have turned the festival experience into a whirlwind of style conscious experiences that have propelled them to superstar status within this selective community of enlightened consumers.

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