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This Supermodel Needs Your Help to Save the Oceans

This Supermodel Needs Your Help to Save the Oceans

You have seen Solveig Mørk Hansen gracing magazine covers and starring in global campaigns by leading brands, including Guess but what you may not know is that she´s also a passionate advocate for pressing environmental issues, the main one being our oceans.

Recently, Solveig teamed up with Danish environmental NGO Plastic Change to create awareness and become a catalyst for positive change:

“Supporting @PlasticChange. It’s time to turn the tide – more than 9 million tons of plastic enter our oceans every year. We need to stop and think. Help us save the oceans and take the pledge to reduce plastic use”

By using her power to help a cause that benefits humanity as a whole, Solveig has also inspired countless young women around the world to stand up for the issues that truly matter.

Check out the Plastic Issue here.

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