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WeGather: Revolution not Evolution

WeGather: Revolution not Evolution

Over the past year, new kid on the block WeGather has rocketed to the top of the social media game by introducing people to anyone from a diverse selection of celebrities and intellectuals. By paying a one-time fee, ordinary people can have a private chat with whomever they choose.

Next week, however, WeGather will be radically changing how their services operate. By cutting every extraneous feature and instead centering on these private chats, WeGather will focus all of their energy doing what has worked best for them so far.

CEO David Price explains the situation, “we will be dramatically simplifying the platform to have only what users truly care about – being able to buy exclusive chats with notable individuals, celebrities, experts and enthusiasts that you cannot get real access to elsewhere.”

It is that real access that has attracted so many people to WeGather. Next week, anyone interested in these services will be turning to the new home of the platform, gatherX.com. The company’s new name is merely one small change, along with an overhaul of the company’s design. To see all the new changes, be sure to go on over to gatherX.com

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