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Everybody Changes: A Film That Speaks For Countless People

Everybody Changes: A Film That Speaks For Countless People
The world we live in has seen changes in perception and social acceptance for those who wish to be themselves regardless of what anyone thinks; However, in many places ignorance and fear are still present, and through powerful storytelling, films like Arturo Montenegro´s “Everybody Changes” are challenging society to take a look in the mirror.

The film, which has received widespread critical acclaim, and prestigious awards becoming a winner at the Los Angeles Film Awards and Panama´s official selection for the Academy Awards® tells the story of Federico, a parent and human being that struggles with balance as he makes the decision to be true to his nature, regardless of the consequences.

We spoke with film director Arturo Montenegro, and this is what he had to say about “Everybody Changes”:

What makes this film so relevant for the times we’re currently living in?

A.M. - The film uncovered an even more taboo subject in society: the existence of diverse families. The real life of trans people in a world submerged in homophobia, the product of a crisis in freedom of thought. A society at the same time shaken by a recent wave of changes, often promoted by youth, where equality is a transversal principle to all its aspirations.

How did the project first catch your attention?

A.M.- It was sad to me see all the injustice against the trans persons in so many countries. I decided to do something about it. Speak out about discrimination but also about hope and possibilities.

What can audiences expect from a film that has sparked a new understanding around the geographical perception and acceptance inequality of important human lifestyle choices?

A.M.- We need to understand and respect deeply our minorities and their rights and fight for this.

The official trailer for “Everybody Changes” is available and you can watch it here.

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