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How The Striking American Beauty Madeline Magruder Made Her Debut

How The Striking American Beauty Madeline Magruder Made Her Debut
As a generation that is constantly scrolling - the ways of the modelling world have changed.

Nowadays - striking beauties are rising in fame VIA Instagram.

This change of ways has great advantages, it has hugely uncovered an array of genuine, incredible models and talents. Especially in terms of the principle modeling niches which used to be important recruitment narrows for brands.

In current days, it is extremely uncommon to find a perfect All-American cast model or the next stylish, trendy, fashionable leading runway superstar.

However, for us fashion experts there are still casting specialists such as Angus Munro of AM Casting. When led by such fine taste, authentic profiles which have the ability of defining brands can still be found even with help from social media.

Madeline is a sensational example of a promising, talented model, she strongly represents the dying breed of the so-called “All-American Beauty.” As a woman who holds herself with such high respect and dignity, Madeline is one of the few models who has acquired the attention of people all around the world on social media platforms, for her striking qualities.

She has collaborated with Dior, Vogue and more and has highly impressive modeling measurements. Madeline is a unique, talented model who campaigns on social media to shape and represent elegant and distinctive brands. Up until now, Madeline has worked immensely throughout Asia building her profile and work catalog. Not long ago, Madeline signed to a new mother agency in America. Along with attaining even better form than before, she is now beginning to be presented in the New York and London markets.

To book the beautiful Madeline - please contact her representative at damon@nomadmgmt.com

Follow Madeline on Instagram to stay updated with her exciting ventures!

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