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Model Katharina Mazepa on Her Passion for Animal Rights

Model Katharina Mazepa on Her Passion for Animal Rights
While historically models have been associated with vapid vanity, the models and influencers of today are changing that stigma, by doing things differently. A prime example of this is Austrian model, Katharina Mazepa, who uses her impressive platform for a good cause. The former Miss Vienna is an avid animal rights activist and proponent for sustainability. Between shoots and shows, the stunner shares her views and valuable information with a whopping 530K+ following on her Instagram. We caught up with the big-hearted beauty to find out more about her passion.

Q: What got you interested in animal rights?

A: I actually became a vegetarian at 11 years old. There wasn’t really one big trigger, but rather the more I thought about where my food was coming from, and the more research I did, the more I saw issues with it. I realized how interconnected everything is, from the animals to the environment—in terms of carbon dioxide emissions.

Q: Can you tell us about some of your past efforts?

A: Back in Europe, I used to volunteer with Greenpeace in high school—spending my lunches gathering signatures. I also worked with 4 Paws, back home in Austria. I also used to give presentations in University on how and why to switch to a vegan lifestyle, and even on topics like sustainable fishing. Now though I have shifted my focus on digital activism, which during the last six months was really all that was available. Since I have a good-sized platform I am able to raise awareness and help collect donations for animal rights organizations and initiatives.

Photo: Courtesy of dreamstate

Q: Tell us about your new project?

A: I’m currently working with several sustainable brands to create social campaigns and initiatives that will raise funding for organizations like the World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, and others.

Q: Is there something you tell people to try and get on board with your vision?

A: I’m not an extremist, and I don’t think you can convert someone to veganism overnight, or over one conversation. But I do think that it’s good to share the numbers, to make people aware of the side effects on not only animals, but the environment. I try to spread awareness and invite people to be more mindful in their daily lives, because that does have an impact.

Q: How do you utilize Instagram to promote animal rights?

A: I’m currently doing a lot of stories, where I talk about animal rights and why I’m so passionate about this topic. I also share informative content from environmental and animal organization accounts, especially if they ever have petitions that need to be promoted—a recent one was about animal testing in beauty.

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