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Komashov Has Hypnotized Audiences From Tel Aviv to Ibiza With His Unique Sound And Good Vibes Only.

Komashov Has Hypnotized Audiences From Tel Aviv to Ibiza With His Unique Sound And Good Vibes Only.
Komashov (Courtesy)
There is something quite intangible about raw, real talent. You can´t quite put your finger on it or pinpoint what it is; Some call it the “X Factor” others call it “The Stuff” or “The Magic” but regardless of what you choose to call it, one thing cannot be argued, some people are just really outstanding at what they do. How can we know this? For this author it all boils down to feeling and emotion.

Do I feel something when I´m in the presence of an artist and his work? Regardless of whether we´re talking about music, contemporary visual art, digital or film, when you experience that flow of energy that shifts your perception and commands your focus, taking you away from your everyday concerns and allowing you to unplug, unwind and just let go…you know, undoubtedly, that you are in the presence of artistic greatness.

I first discovered Komashov at a party in Tulum, and since then I have seen him perform at least a half a dozen different times. His energy onstage is unlike anything I´ve seen before, he has within himself the ability to connect with every single audience member (no matter the size of the crowd) and make sure that you are enjoying yourself to the fullest during his set.

One of his latest creations, an eclectic 64 minute original mix titled “Good Vibes Only” which the young and charismatic DJ uploaded to his official Soundcloud page has become my go-to resource to power through long work weeks, reminding me of the freedom I have felt and will feel again whenever I find myself at a Komashov show. But perhaps one of the things I love the most about this artist, and what sets him apart from many others in the music scene is his lack of pretentiousness. He is real, honest and gives everything of himself to his audience, with the only desire of becoming the driving force behind their moments of joy and emancipation from the pressing concerns of the day to day.

In a way, Komashov is like an experienced explorer who knows how to help you escape through the tunnels and secret spaces of magnetic musical magic and come back a better, more inspired you. And isn´t that what great music should be all about?

His international recognition has skyrocketed in recent months with mainstream media outlets such as Elite Music News taking notice in what the artist has accomplished, going as far as to call him “the best kept secret in the global electronic music scene”, and music promoters acting quickly to secure performances by the acclaimed DJ who has recently played gigs with Blondish in Milan at the prestigious Armani/Privé club, Burning Man 2022, Matignon in Paris, Beachouse Ibiza, Luna and Windmill in London and multiple top tier establishments with word of his 2023 agenda quickly filling up, his presence at shows around the world is a highly coveted commodity today, more than ever.

Komashov Live (Image Credit: UNO)

Komashov spoke with The Influential about his goals, challenges and sources of inspiration. Here´s what the acclaimed DJ and Producer shared with our readers:

Where does your inspiration come from when creating music?

My musical storytelling comes from the endless search of people´s happiness and emotional moments which satisfy me the most when I´m able to touch them and make an impact in their lives through my work.

Can you share with us some of your notable career highlights and moments that you will never forget?

From the moment I played my first public gig in front of 4,000 people I knew I was in love with this. I was born to be a DJ and Producer.

What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced and how did you overcome them?

My biggest challenge was, and still is to balance my life in the right way in this beautiful madness of my career.

Are you currently working on new projects?

I´m currently working on a lot of new projects and much more is planned in the future to come. I have a few new tunes coming out in December 2022 and January 2023.

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