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Blue Gala Night: High End Kings' Miami Launch Party Featuring Celebs, Swanky Prizes, and a Heartfelt Cause

Blue Gala Night: High End Kings' Miami Launch Party Featuring Celebs, Swanky Prizes, and a Heartfelt Cause

Miami is about to experience a new level of glamour and excitement as High End Kings, the California-based luxury lifestyle company, prepares to launch its brand at the upscale Mandrake Restaurant Club in Miami Beach on Friday, May 5th. A-list celebrities, exclusive contests, and a commitment to social responsibility make this event the talk of the town.

Founded by innovative and visionary entrepreneurs, High End Kings made a name for itself with its groundbreaking "liquid diamonds" product, which has already caught the attention of some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. The company's history boasts notable collaborations and partnerships, and their upcoming event promises to be no exception.

Miami's Formula 1 week will come to a dazzling climax as the Blue Gala Night unfolds, featuring a star-studded guest list that includes Georgina Mazzeo, Alexa de Llanos, Paola Cospi, Nicky Jam, Mike Towers, and Ivana Doll. The evening's festivities have been expertly organized by Diana Piedrahita, CEO of entertainment company 11.11DSHOW.

At the heart of the event is the HEQ Tribe contest, where 20 participants will vie for the coveted title, $15,000 in cash, a year's supply of High End Kings' products, and free photoshoots. In addition, a $5,000 raffle will be held at midnight, adding to the thrill of the night.

The evening kicks off with a blue carpet welcome cocktail at 7 PM, followed by a warm-up at 8 PM, leading to the main event - the $15,000 contest at 10 PM. Live music from Miami's hottest performers, such as the Elena Lee team, and renowned DJ Purple will keep guests dancing late into the night.

More than just a night of glamour, High End Kings and 11.11DSHOW are committed to making a difference. A percentage of the funds raised from the gala will be donated to a foundation for young women who are victims of violence in Colombia. This foundation is dedicated to supporting them in their personal, emotional, and professional development. High End Kings also supports a girls' foundation in the Dominican Republic, emphasizing the company's dedication to social responsibility.

Press coverage for the Blue Gala Night is set to be extensive, with a focus on television, press, and digital platforms. Renowned photographers and journalists will document and highlight the best moments of this unforgettable event.

With its combination of celebrity guests, innovative products, exclusive contests, and commitment to social causes, High End Kings' Blue Gala Night is poised to become one of Miami's most talked-about events. Don't miss your chance to be part of this glamorous evening - secure your tickets or tables now!

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