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Brady Bryson: Navigating the Spotlight

Brady Bryson: Navigating the Spotlight

Bryson’s Mental Health Film “Sideways For Attention” is Set to Make a Splash

By John Stambridge

Brady Bryson's career path stands out as a testament to talent, perseverance, and a genuine love for storytelling. Bryson’s work reflects a deep-seated passion for the craft and a commitment to authenticity from his humble beginnings as a child actor to his current status as a multifaceted artist. "I've always been drawn to the power of storytelling," Bryson reflects. "It's a privilege to be able to bring characters to life and share their experiences with audiences.” Bryson's foray into the world of acting began at the tender age of eleven, fueled by a burning desire to share narratives that resonate with audiences. His debut role in the poignant short film "Mama" marked the inception of a career defined by persistence.
At the screening of Mama in New York, all dressed up and ready to watch. The special treat was that “Mama” was screened at the Tribeca Festival, and he got to attend with my own Mama. Courtesy of Workhousepr

"I remember the excitement of that first audition," Bryson reminisces. "It was a dark and complex role, but I was drawn to the challenge of bringing Joey's story to life." From the outset, Bryson's performances heartened audiences and industry insiders alike. His portrayal of Joey, a young boy trapped in a cycle of domestic violence, showcased a maturity and depth beyond his years, setting the stage for a remarkable career trajectory. But Bryson's journey was not confined to traditional mediums. In an era marked by the rise of digital content, he embraced opportunities to explore new horizons, starring in internet serials and jazzed audiences with his nuanced performances.
Playing “Oliver” on Billy on the Street with Billy Eichner, for the episode “Are you smarter than a gay 5th grader?” Courtesy of Workhousepr

"I've always been drawn to projects that push boundaries and challenge perceptions," Bryson explains. "Whether it's a dramatic film or an experimental web series, I'm constantly seeking roles that allow me to grow as an artist." Throughout his formative years, Bryson honed his craft through collaborations with acclaimed directors and fellow actors, earning accolades for his authenticity and storytelling prowess.
“As a high school student at The Cambridge School in Pennington, New Jersey (a program that existed because I refused to leave after the 8th grade and insisted that they create an actual High School, which they did), I continued to act. I had put together a string of appearances in short films, television, and a few major motion pictures. In the early summer of 2014, my mom took me to a matinée performance of “Of Mice and Men” on Broadway. After the show, we waited outside the theater to meet the performers as they exited. While waiting, Jim Parrack slipped out the back door to avoid the crowd, but I spotted him and followed him as he walked down the sidewalk, asking for a moment of his time. He wouldn’t stop, and I couldn’t keep up with him, but the next day, I tried again. My mom had seen an interview with him and Leven Rambin on a Sunday morning news show about the acting school they had opened in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn, and I wanted to apply. I was relentless, and after the fourth day of chasing him down, he finally agreed for me to come in and audit a class. But I was not 18, and this was an adults-only class, so he only agreed to take me on as a student if my mom would attend, not as a student but as a chaperone. On my 14th birthday, my grandmother drove us to Brooklyn, and so began my Meisner training. Thankfully, the Cambridge School allowed me to attend classes at Playhouse West in Brooklyn two days a week and gave me credit for the extensive script analysis and other work I did in that program.”
With Edie Falco on the set of Nurse Jackie. Courtesy of Workhousepr

His tenure at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts served as a launching pad for his career, providing invaluable opportunities to refine his skills and expand his creative repertoire. From documentaries to fairy tales, Bryson's diverse body of work reflects a relentless pursuit. "I've always felt a deep connection to New York City," Bryson reflects. "There's an energy and vibrancy here that fuels my creativity and inspires me to push boundaries." Indeed, Bryson's journey is as much a testament to his resilience. Despite the challenges and uncertainties inherent in the entertainment industry, he remains steadfast in his commitment to his craft, guided by a singular vision of creating meaningful and impactful stories. As Bryson's career unfolds, he remains humble and grounded, guided by a simple yet profound philosophy: "Stay true to yourself, and the rest will follow."
Leonardo in the Ziegfeld theater at the New York Premiere of “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Courtesy of Workhousepr

His forthcoming feature film, "Sideways for Attention," promises to be a force, a culmination of years of hard work. With multiple awards already under his belt, including recognition at prestigious film festivals, Bryson's latest endeavor is poised to raise eyebrows. “In early 2020 I filmed “Where to Now?” my last short film. Shortly after we wrapped and began post-production, the entire world was locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unable to return to New York for college, I spent the second half of my sophomore year attending the New School via Zoom, editing and submitting the film to festivals, and working on what would ultimately become my first feature film, “Sideways for Attention.” I have always had a fire in my belly when it comes to telling stories, and this film is just the beginning; there is more to come.”
At the “Man Park” (Saturday Night Live) with Pete Davidson. Courtesy of Workhousepr

As he embarks on the next phase of his career, he remains grateful for the opportunities that have shaped his journey thus far. With each project, he continues to evolve while leaving his distinct mark. Bryson's journey underscores the transformative power of storytelling, a reminder that in an ever-changing world, the human experience remains universal. Visit Brady Bryson’s official site to learn more: mrweirdbob.com

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