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A New Era in Franchising: Nick-Anthony Zamucen’s Visionary Leadership

A New Era in Franchising: Nick-Anthony Zamucen’s Visionary Leadership

What do you think of when you imagine franchise leadership?

Maybe you picture a scalable (but otherwise unremarkable) business model, a franchise fee, and quick training for new franchisees. That’s one way to do it. But through his unique philosophy and strategy, Nick-Anthony Zamucen of Best Option Restoration (BOR) is shaping franchise leadership for a new era.

It’s almost impossible to have great franchise leadership without a great franchise. That’s why Zamucen makes sure each of his franchise endeavors is doing something that no one else in the industry is.

When he started Best Option Restoration (BOR), Zamucen knew he was breaking into a major industry — restoration for fire, mold, water, and disaster damage is a $328 billion industry.

With BOR, however, Zamucen created a type of business you’ve probably never heard of: upscale restoration. He got the idea when he began researching the restoration business.

“I was realizing everyone's out there just being a man in a van with a fan,” he says. “When you walk up to somebody's house, how you present yourself and how you look and how you speak kind of dictates whether they're going to trust you and want you to work in their house or not.”

From that moment, he decided that professionalism would be a cornerstone of his new company. Another would be innovation. BOR uses unique thermal technology that evaporates water damage in half the time it takes competitors. Zamucen started BOR in 2016, and today, there are 73 franchises. Of those, 14 were opened in the first two months of 2024, setting the tone for a year of unprecedented growth.

Much of that growth is thanks to his style of franchise leadership. If someone is ready to open a franchise, the training and onboarding process is efficient but comprehensive. It starts with a three-day online training course and ends with five days of in-person training with Zamucen in Denver.

There are seven BOR franchises in the Denver area, making it easy for new franchisees to get hands-on experience. They spend 15-16 hours a day in the field, going on service calls with employees and learning about what the business does on a daily basis. After that, they come back and learn about the corporate side of things.

New franchisees aren’t stuck waiting for weeks or months before they can get to work. Training usually ends on Friday afternoons, and the trainees fly home for the weekend. Their franchises open the following Monday. Zamucen’s leadership style goes beyond the daily grind of running a business. He also acts as something of a coach, helping his franchisees balance their work and family lives.

“One of the practices we do in class is if you're married, and your wife is not here, you send her flowers,” he says. “If you did not send your wife flowers after being gone for three nights, you get online right now, find a florist, and you send her flowers. And I tell them this because it's a practice I've been doing with my wife for years. If I'm gone for more than three nights, I send her flowers.”

For Nick-Anthony Zamucen, success is about more than just profits. It’s about building lasting relationships with franchisees. “I take a holistic approach to business,” he says. “And then there's the personal. And this is why my franchisees talk to me literally about everything.”

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