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Comfort and Confidence: A Revolution in Men´s Denim

Comfort and Confidence: A Revolution in Men´s Denim

For way too long men had to sacrifice comfort in order to achieve a refined look. Denim and sweatpants, in fact, were located in completely opposite ends of the fashion spectrum, forcing men to head one direction or the other.

This happened for way too long, until an innovative brand by the name of Monfrére stepped in and revolutionized the way we look at men´s denim.

The Los Angeles based – Japanese denim inspired fashion brand came up with the solution to the timeless conundrum of how to successfully fuse comfort with stylish elegance.

Rocking a modern and unique style which stands out by its clean, chic look and superb fit Monfréreis rapidly becoming the go-to brand for style conscious gentlemen who no longer wish to sacrifice the comfort of athletic wear in order to gain the visual impact of high end denim.

Their signature skinny jean named “Greyson” may in fact be the best fitting men´s denim product in the market. The Greyson adds unmatched versatility to one´s wardrobe as it was created to mix and match perfectly with everything from a plain cotton t-shirt to dress shirts and tuxedo jackets.

If you´re ready to upgrade your fashion game while remaining comfortable and confident then without a shadow of a doubt Monfrére is the way to go.

Available at select retailers such as Barneys across the country and online, this distinguished brand comes with the promise of a re-defined look, dovetailing fashion and undisputed comfort into men´s denim.

Check out their official website here and take your look to the next level.

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