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A Futuristic Way To Enjoy Your Favorite Treats

A Futuristic Way To Enjoy Your Favorite Treats
In the age of convenience consumers are always on the lookout for innovative companies solving problems that used to stand in the way of fluidity and enjoyment.

While many of life´s challenges are yet to be solved by the next revolutionary app or startup, enjoying your favorite treats without having to tire yourself out and deal with lines, queues and annoying convenience store employees is now possible thanks to the enlightened minds at GoPuff, America´s fastest growing on demand snack delivery service.

Whether you´re in the mood for some cookies, a bag of chips or something else one thing is for sure, comfort and enjoyment are now safeguarded against annoyances.

You will never again have to pause your favorite show or movie to go buy snacks, simply by using GoPuff.

Developed by Yakir Gola and Rafael Ilishayev while they were students at Drexel University, GoPuff is the fastest growing digital retailer for convenient store goods, effectively bringing more than 2,500 convenient store items--from snacks to ready- made meals and toiletries--directly to your door.

When it comes to chocolate lovers, we all know quality and flavor are priorities.

That’s where the perceptive leader in the space, Simply Chocolate, steps in and provides a exciting new solution that fits the needs of modern consumers.

Owned by prominent progressive investor Alshair Fiyaz, Simply Chocolate makes gourmet, high end chocolate accessible to the end consumer on a market level for the first time.

Their all natural chocolate bars--such as the Crispy Carrie and the Salty Fred--are priced at only $3 per bar (roughly the same price as Hershey’s) thus providing a much healthier and more elevated value proposition.

So sit back, relax and enjoy all the sweet treats life has to offer.

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