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How Florida Real Estate Entrepreneur Baskal Korkis Wants To Help You Make Money

How Florida Real Estate Entrepreneur Baskal Korkis Wants To Help You Make Money
After an eye-opening conversation that motivated him to pursue a career in real estate investing, Florida-based Baskal Korkis is now on a mission to share his knowledge with the world via Instagram. By discovering the business model of buying properties to rent out for an even greater profit, at 14 years old, Baskal realized his life would forever be changed.

At such a young age, he redirected all his efforts to school, work and real estate with the goal of buying a property as soon as he could. The lucrative business opportunity drove Baskal to buy his first property at just 19 years old. By 23, he owned 10 buildings in the Clearwater area.

“I barely slept, but I was doing everything I wanted to do,” Baskal says.

Today, at 34 years old, Baskal’s entrepreneurial spirit has earned him not only a successful real estate business, but additionally, businesses in accounting, insurance, financial services—all specializing in real estate investing.

Despite having gone to school, much of Baskal’s success stems from his will to learn by experience. After 20+ years, his desire is no longer to only build successful businesses, but to also share his knowledge with the general public so others may benefit for themselves.

The self-made entrepreneur now posts daily videos and messages for his 93,000 followers on Instagram to glean from. The posts include tips on how to maximize finances and how-to videos on real estate construction. After years of navigating his way through the business, Baskal witnessed firsthand how few people knew how to manage even their own personal finances.

With an ever-growing Instagram following, Baskal now looks forward to sharing everything he’s learned over his 20-year journey, inspiring his followers to make wise financial decisions and maybe even adopt an entrepreneurial spirit.

“Everyone should educate themselves regarding their personal finances,” Baskal says. “Unfortunately, our current education system doesn’t offer this type of education. No one is going to help them but themselves and my goal is to teach people via social media for free.”

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