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Mastering Impressionism In Modern Times: Gregory Allen Page

Mastering Impressionism In Modern Times: Gregory Allen Page
“The soul of the painter is in the freedom of his hand and the brush.” – Gregory affirms.
As a passionate student of the human condition who draws inspiration from the world around him, much like the late impressionist masters of the nineteenth century did, Gregory Allen Page has established himself as a critically acclaimed artist who challenges the current status quo of contemporary art.

With every stroke of his brush, the timeless thread that unites masterful creative minds of all periods is expressed onto the canvas, liberating Gregory and allowing him to manifest his own vision of each subject he chooses to paint, granting a poetic sense of permanence to moments that would´ve otherwise been washed off the annals of history.

The desire to connect with art aficionados around the globe prompted Gregory to launch his own digital gallery and online art marketplace, which enables the acquisition of original works by connoisseurs in different corners of the earth.

While many of the late Impressionists often painted landscapes and static scenes, in Page’s work, he utilizes the technique and style of the historic art period and furthermore amplifies it by capturing exuberant scenes of life, charging each one with vigor and dynamism. But it isn’t in his subjects alone that he infuses a sense of movement realism. In his rich and tangible brushwork, Page generates raw energy, in the movement he creates on a canvas.

Through each individual body of work, Gregory Allen Page compels the viewer to imagine an alternative reality, getting lost inside a palette that makes one reminisce of a simpler, more authentic time.

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