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Find Out Why Factory Error Is Disrupting The Streetwear Scene

Find Out Why Factory Error Is Disrupting The Streetwear Scene

The bold, the daring and the non-conformist have always felt a magnetic attraction towards those brands that allow them to fully express themselves, without restrictions – Factory Error has emerged as a full scale disruptor within the hyper-competitive streetwear industry.

However, the unapologetic design styles and superior quality fabrics have helped this irreverent imprint become a part of today´s pop culture firmament, challenging any pre-conceived notions the public might have had about what it truly means to be a renegade.

Texas natives and founders of Factory Error, Ashton Smith and Brayden Russell have spent hours in photoshop to create unique graphic designs for this demand in the marketplace.

Factory Error would not exist if Smith and Russell did not recognize each other’s custom pieces at the local skatepark. The two have similar tastes and backgrounds, including family members who played in heavy metal bands like Pantera and Pearl Jam. This, in part, was inspiration for their pieces which consists of distinctive grungy designs, each with their own message.

A new collection named “Culture Shock” will be available in the near future, allowing the cult-like following this brand has developed in an unprecedented amount of time to acquire new gear and continue using Factory Error as a source of personal identity and pride of ownership.

Despite being a new company, the brand continues to sell out within a week of each release. Factory Error’s customers may be a niche group, but it’s a group that will carry influence on social media. In a world of fakes, the authentic ones tend to stick out.

Our suggestion is simple: don´t sleep on this brand, because sooner rather than later you might see more and more people discovering and following the new trend that Factory Error has inadvertenly created.

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