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The Rise of a New African Top Model and Entrepreneur Named Naomi

The Rise of a New African Top Model and Entrepreneur Named Naomi

Naomi Chepkemoi embodies a new generation of ebony top models.

Originally from Kenya, the 21 year old is a Bachelor of Science in Community Resource Management and holds a deep understanding of her country and its natural resources and macroeconomic trends.

However, her natural beauty and effortless charisma have propelled Naomi to the international spotlight, as she has been approached by major brands and organizations that feel as if their core audience will feel close to the young businesswoman and centerfold.

For Naomi, the rennaissance of African fashion and thus, African top models is a vibrant reality. She granted us an exclusive interview, here’s what Ms. Chepkemoi had to say:

Did you always want to be a model?

Yes i always wanted to be a model since i was young.

With the rise of a new generation of African top models, how would you want to inspire other women who look up to you?

I would like to bring a change and improve on some things that other models haven’t done yet, like educating girls about early marriages, FGM and providing them with ways to deal with menstruation problems.

You live in Kenya, what do you love about your country?

I love the culture in my country, the nature and the friendly people!

What are some of your favorite fashion brands?

FashionNova, Pretty Little Thing, Victoria’s Secret, and Calvin Klein.

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

Most people dont know that i like to help the poor and change the world to a better place by sharing and being kind.

My mindset is to change my country especially for the less fortunate people who are uneducated, I also think of starting my own online store especially a brand that will mainly be African.

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