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How Omar Piña Became The New Mindfulness Icon

How Omar Piña Became The New Mindfulness Icon
As current events continue pushing the line of believability and countless people spiral into a stressful and unsustainable mental state – set off by situations outside our control – passionate lifestyle seekers like Omar Piña have made it their mission to help people recover a sustainable balance.

For Omar, who was born in Mexico and has taken on extensive travels within the culturally rich and traditionally spiritual country, being able to guide people through trying times is not only a passion, but a mission as well.

Through the years, humanity has discovered (or remembered) and implemented a myriad of techniques and studies in order to achieve stability and a successful balance between mind, body, and spirit.

For Omar, the path of self-discovery has presented him with countless tools and techniques including healing herbs, meditation, alternative medicine but perhaps most importantly, mindfulness.

“Just over ten years ago, I experienced a very difficult family situation which led me through a maze of emotional struggles where I constantly felt sadness, frustration, anger and fear. I had never experienced this before and at times, I felt as if life had lost its meaning. It was at that point when I embarked on a very deep self-healing journey, and as I made my way a technique I had used since childhood, meditation, returned to my life. But this time through a new technique, mindfulness.” –Omar affirms.

In his quest to find the joy and inner peace he had experienced before, Omar devoted himself to the practice of mindfulness, and convinced of its benefits he decided to share his vast knowledge with everyone who might benefit from it.

Recently, Omar has decided to democratize the access to this priceless knowledge by expanding his practice from live workshops to online courses, which allow people to discover the vast array of life-changing benefits that practicing mindfulness in a guided and commited way can bring.

While life is certainly challenging at times, Omar urges us to temember that peace of mind is a priority, and through our connection with nature and our inner self we can return to a natural state of balance, joy and fulfillment.

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