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ZRO by IGNITE The CBD Energy Drink You’ve Been Craving

ZRO by IGNITE  The CBD Energy Drink You’ve Been Craving
For a business that is only 1 year old, IGNITE has grown truly expediently. The company’s newest creation ZRO has brought healthy and sustained relief to customers around the world.

What began as a privately owned cannabis brand has flourished into a multidimensional, public owned empire.

Not only does IGNITE create CBD energy drinks, but also an entire range of other high quality CBD products, the range consists of vapes, gummies, energy shots, elixirs, topicals and even pet supplies.

IGNITE’S ZRO has been created in partnership with Vitamin Shoppe (who will be carrying the product in all of its stores) with the focus of the product to be on enhancing mood, cognitive expansiveness, and clarity. The energy drink comes in 4 mouth watering flavours; BlueRasp BILZ, Peach Crisp, Purely Passion, and TartBreaker. Every can of ZRO contains: ZERO sugars, ZERO calories, ZERO net carbs, ZERO artificial colors and 100%natural caffeine

Rather than going in the same direction as Monster and Red Bull, ZRO paved its own path and perceptively realised consumers were craving a drink that improved performance in work and sport, without a compromise to either.

IGNITE’S ZRO is filled with specifically selected nootropic ingredients- such as Alpha Glycerl Phosphoryl Choline which targets focus and cognitive enhancement, whilst supplying a steady, sustainable energy flow.

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