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Living a Balanced Life is The Key to Success: Emily Alexandra Guglielmo

Living a Balanced Life is The Key to Success: Emily Alexandra Guglielmo
You may kow Emily Alexandra Guglielmo from her multiple modeling and acting appearances – she has been featured on Playboy® and Maxim®, launched a successful cosmetics brand, found recognition as a professional mermaid and dedicated herself passionately to giving back as an honest philanthropist who has decided to use her platform to inspire and help others; Needles to say, Emily´s star quality shines bright for the whole world to see, and she has become a role model and an inspiration for countless women around the world.

Every young girl has dreams, and for someone with Emily´s steadfast resolve, dreams are always bound to become vibrant realities.

She is a seasoned entrepreneur who has experienced major success as the founder of Emily Alexandra Cosmetics - a burgeoning company that has exhibited unstoppable growth since it was founded - thanks to its superior quality products and Emily´s innate talent as a product developer.

Emily´s lifelong passion for the ocean is what made her pursue her dream of becoming a real life mermaid. She has made a name for herself, and is internationally known for her beautiful mermaid identity, which has inspired other projects too. But this influence also makes her aware of her power to effect positive change in the world. Throughout her entire life, Emily Alexandra has felt a strong passion for the ocean and a special connection to its creatures.

Emily´s vehicle to do good is the non profit “Supporting Water”, an organization that helps to provide drinking water to those who need it most. Primarily in developing countries that do not have access to this vital resource.

Emily recently granted The Influential an interview, and here´s what she shared with us:

1. As a public figure, how do you balance your personal life from your celebrity status?
Balance is absolutely key for me when it comes to my lifestyle…It’s mandatory for me to stay on routine and not deviate. Each day I make sure I have time for personal development and self-care!

2. What message would you give to young girls who look up to you and would like to follow your footsteps?
Dedication, consistency, and a vision of what your goal is are paramount, period.

3. Can you share some of your upcoming projects with us?
I am working on many commercials, short films, music videos, and TV shows ~ keep up with my fun escapades on Instagram and Facebook @EmilyGuglielmo

4. What has been your biggest achievement to date as a famous model, mermaid and influencer?
As a model, I´d definitely have to say Playboy & Maxim, Being a mermaid at Las Vegas and Atlantis in the Bahamas, and working with so many brands that trust me to represent their products like Echelon Fit, Ford, Disney and many more!

5. We know you love to give back! What can you tell our readers about your nonprofit “Supporting Water”?
This has been a passion of mine ever since I was a little girl: To bring drinking water to third world nations. So for every purchase from Emily Alexandra Cosmetics, a portion goes directly back into the non-profit SupportingWater.org, We are going to Africa this year for our 1st international mission. Our last one was in Yauco, Puerto Rico in 2019. Message me if you are interested in donating and volunteering!

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