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This Leading CBD Brand is Changing the Game and People Are Loving It

This Leading CBD Brand is Changing the Game and People Are Loving It

When it comes to lifestyle choices and consumption preferences, everyone has their own check list. Should a brand be trendy? Sexy? Sustainable? That´s up to the consumer. One thing has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, in the rapidly expanding CBD and hemp market space, selective and knowledgeable consumers have expressed their preferences.

Brands like James Carbone´s Natural Effex CBD have quickly become a permanent fixture in the ever-evolving landscape of this burgeoning multi-billion dollar industry thanks to a superior product development process that is completely geared towards providing a unique and unforgettable experience for the company´s demanding and highly discerning customers.

What makes Natural Effex one of a kind can be summarized as follows: passionate product development coupled with uncompromising quality standards and edgy, highly compelling marketing. The brand has experienced growth at impressive levels and as their products continue winning over the hearts and minds of even the most selective CBD consumers, James and his team show no sign of slowing down.

A recent Consumer Reports survey shows the sheer power of this industry with an estimated 64 million Americans having tried CBD products in the past year, and the snowball effect only seems to grow larger.

We recently spoke with James and here´s what he had to say:

What can we expect from Natural Effex in the coming months?

Over the coming months Natural Effex plans to expand heavily across the US, into EU and really ground themselves in the markets. We will expand our company on all angles. We also plan to interact socially with the brand as much as possible (through assets) like vlogs, events, and entertainment. We want everyone to feel involved in the movement / be apart of this lifestyle. We plan to make a huge impact in the world. Lookout in the future for some big collaborations! We have a lot of big things in the works. More influencers, more entertainment.

What has been your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur?

The biggest challenge as an entrepreneur has been adapting to the road blocks and basic problems that turn up and that come along the way with owning a company. It’s a very long difficult road. Some advice to entrepreneurs would be to stay positive and believe in yourself no mater what the circumstances are.

What has been your biggest success to date?

The biggest success easily to date has been getting into stores in the 5 surrounding states around CT. (6 states total). CT, NY,MA,NJ,RI,VT. I didn’t think I would make this big of an impact but now that its happened and I realized I am capable of changing the world I’m going to do it. (We also have) plans on getting into Florida this week (7 states) and the following week LA, California. Another huge success, I would say sponsoring our UFC Fighter Daniel Rodriguez, Professional Roc Nation® boxer Tramaine Williams, model Meisha Schaefer, and influencer Steve Orosco. This has lead to my best friend Evan Dotson becoming an influencer and face to my brand. He´s now hitting 400,000 impressions monthly growing daily.

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