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How Las Vegas Social Icon Richard Crighton is Championing a Paradigm Shift

How Las Vegas Social Icon Richard Crighton is Championing a Paradigm Shift

How far can a person´s ability to identify their aspirations, structure the right strategies and implement them successfully over a sustained period of time take them? The answer is, almost anywhere.

Richard Crighton is widely regarded as a pioneer in the ultra-competitive Las Vegas real estate market; As a serial entrepreneur, Crighton was able to rise above challenges and difficulties to accomplish unquestionable success and the social and economic benefits that come with it. At one point the self-made mogul owned over a thousand apartments, flipped hundreds of houses, made spectacular returns and forever changed the face of an exclusive and complex market such as Las Vegas. Alongside his business partners, Richard owned the largest house in the city – which included an underground tunnel and a 17 car garage – and a mansion of Ventura Boulevard that, in a quintessential Hollywood fashion, was even featured on the hit show ´Ray Donovan´.

However, while most individuals would bask in their wealth and become complacent or overly attached to the material possessions that unrelenting hard work afforded them, Crighton decided to pursue a different life.

A man with everything, decided that he doesn´t really need anything; Isn´t that something?

Mr. Crighton made the decision of selling off the majority of his assets and embark on a personal quest to discover more about life and his ability to live it without bounds. Focused on traveling the world, meeting new people and sharing his incomparable energy with them in order to spread positivity and make the kind of memories that cannot be appraised or valued in dollar amounts.

He walked out of his massive compound with just a backpack and a suitcase. Was the juice worth the squeeze? Most assuredly.

Since he decided to go against the grain and free himself from the unwanted and implicit burdens of material excess, Richard has found an entire new meaning that permeates throughout every aspect of his daily life. Re-calibrating his priorities in order to prioritize experiences over possessions has infused Crighton with a new found sense of liberty and inner joy, which his infectious smile certainly reflects.

As the world plunges itself further into single minded materialistic pursuits, inspiring stories like Richard Crighton´s remind us that there is much more than meets the eye. The most valuable commodity is time, and true freedom lies in the ability to make your own choices and explore the paths that most people will never walk.

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