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The Story Behind Guidofarina Art Studio: Passion, Detail and Uniqueness.

The Story Behind Guidofarina Art Studio: Passion, Detail and Uniqueness.

Guidofarina has become one of the best references in portraiture with his style called GUIDRAFT.

With a renewed impulse in painting, we see his works on canvas walls, sculptures, watercolors, and the magic of his pencil.

His work has been recognized and acquired by art collectors in different parts of the world.

He has collaborated with prestigious brands creating unique and memorable experiences.

Guidofarina lives and captures his work from his Atelier located in Bacalar, Quintana Roo inspired by the beauty and muses of the Laguna.

Guidofarina has an extraordinary ability to capture expressions and capture them in his works with a distinguished stamp of coffee.

The Coffee cup stains were part of his destiny, a natural consequence of his affirmation of life.

With the penetrating eyes of an artist, Guidofarina shows a firm line, where he captures his works with marks that trigger contrasts full of expression: macules of faces and bodies that at close range reveal the sentient image of his lines and at a distance a narrative that arouses the emotions.

His exhibitions are framed in red curtains and black backgrounds, which symbolize the bright red of blood and blackness that resembles a jet blackboard of chalk, where creation is left open to the imagination.

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