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McLaren Reveals Its First NFT Drop, Genesis Collection

McLaren Reveals Its First NFT Drop, Genesis Collection
British luxury supercar maker McLaren Automotive has today revealed details of its first NFT drop, Genesis Collection, for the recently launched McLaren Special Operations (MSO) LAB digital community. Inspired by McLaren’s iconic Ultimate Series P1 and track P1 GTR, the world’s first hybrid hypercar, the Genesis Collection will be limited to 2,012 to mark the year the P1 was revealed to the world.

The Genesis Collection will be comprised of five tiers with eight unique traits. Holders of Genesis Collection NFTs will each gain membership to an MSO LAB digital community that will push the boundaries of access and experience. Aside from the P1TM skins awarded to 14 MSO LAB honorary members which include luminaries from the worlds of arts, fashion and crypto, only 1,998 NFTs will be available to buy from McLaren’s marketplace, supported by its metaverse partner InfinteWorld.

The collection will drop at 09:00 ET on May 11, giving the opportunity for priority access for McLaren owners and other specially-invited individuals. 48 hours later at 09:00 ET on May 13, the remaining NFTs within the collection will open to a select group of invited wider NFT communities. Each buyer will receive their NFT as a 1:1 render of a front three-quarters view of their P1™ or P1™ GTR accompanied by a 1:1 animation featuring the unique treatment and treatment credentials.In addition, they will each receive a 9:16 render of the rear shot of their P1™ or P1™ GTR, and, of course, membership of the new MSO LAB by McLaren digital community.

The Genesis Collection drop will be comprised of five tiers with eight unique traits which are:

  • LAB Studio: P1™, Treatment: level one paint and pinstripe. Limited to only 1,000
  • LAB Studio+: P1™, Treatment: level two paint, more detailed pinstriping and fades. Limited to only 893
  • LAB Works: P1™ GTR, Treatment: MSO LAB livery in color combinations. Limited to only 100
  • LAB Honorary of P1™ or P1™ GTR not available for purchase and to be gifted to select members of the McLaren community
  • LAB Icons, P1™ & P1™ GTR, bespoke. Limited to only five, each with a unique McLaren design.

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