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Unleash Your Inner Confidence: Ripley Rader’s Timeless Designs Empower Women to Embrace Their Beauty

Unleash Your Inner Confidence: Ripley Rader’s Timeless Designs Empower Women to Embrace Their Beauty

When Ripley Rader created the jumpsuit that ultimately launched her brand, it was with a pure intention– to create an outfit that she’d feel invincible in. She wanted the clothes she wore to reflect and bolster how she felt inside; confident, strong, and unstoppable. If she didn’t have a piece that made her feel this way, she took to her sewing machine and created it. Ripley innately understood that as women, our clothes are our armor, and when we walk into the world looking and feeling like a badass, we’re able to fully embrace our inner badass.

That night, donning the jumpsuit she’d created for a party she had to attend, a buyer from Fred Segal walked up to her and said “Where can I get that jumpsuit”. And thus the Ripley Rader brand was born.

Ripley Rader: A Designer Who Empowers Women

Ripley Rader, an L.A.-based designer, has never abandoned the mission of dressing women to feel as good as they look. She’s been making her own clothes since she was 12, even creating her own prom dress – which certainly didn’t fall into the traditional “prom dress” parameters (and also gave her dad a bit of a heart attack), but it made her feel like queen of the dance. It was early on that Ripley realized that as long as she feels incredible, she’ll look it. The passion to give women of all shapes and sizes this same feeling is what has driven Ripley Rader from a homespun brand to a nation-wide treasure.

Ripley never attended fashion school, and has always created from an intuitive place of knowing exactly what she needed to wear to that fancy party in order to feel unstoppable. Turns out, when you create clothes for women with the intention of making them feel not only comfortable but gorgeous in their own skin, the rules of an industry typically driven by exclusivity do not apply. Ripley has created a contemporary fashion brand with inclusive sizing focused on comfortable silhouettes that is truly for every woman.

They’re pieces that you want to throw on for date night, but are also great for the mom running from a school board meeting straight to work. Ripley Rader is a brand for women, by women, that’s actually designed for the real lives of the women wearing it.

A Minimalist Approach to Fashion

Ripley Rader’s contemporary fashion brand offers inclusive sizing and comfortable silhouettes that make women feel unstoppable in their own right. With styles that never go out of fashion, Ripley’s minimalist approach focuses on color and shape to bring out a woman’s best features. Her wide range of bright and colorful combinations, combined with ponte knit fabric that provides both stretch and structure, allows women to accentuate their curves with comfort– not to mention wear them on the go with an ease we all crave.

Redefining the concept of ‘basics’, RR provides us with a wide range of comfortable, bright colorful combinations which will fulfill all of our color blocking dreams and inevitably make someone ask you “where can I get that piece?”

The versatility of Rader’s designs have attracted a diverse celebrity clientele, from Amy Schumer to Gigi Hadid to Kate Upton. Her Wide Legged Pants are a dream that allow for movement, while her Jumpsuits maintain a timeless vibe while being so comfortable you won’t want to take them off. This brand reminds us that even if you want to express yourself with an essential item, It’s always possible to be both stylish and practical.

The Story Behind Ripley Rader

Ripley Rader is a designer from West Virginia who was raised between patterns and colors in her interior designer mothers’ showroom; design is in her blood. Her grandmother taught her and her sister how to sew at age 12, and she never stopped. Ripley attended NYU, and after that, she pursued a career in musical theater. Traveling from New York to Paris, she loved the stage, but always felt drawn to the costume department, where she’d design pieces for the sheer joy of the creation.

After the tour, her best friend suggested they move to LA together, and Ripley jumped at the chance. She was ready for a change– and ultimately, it led her to that fateful night when that Fred Segal buyer told her that if she made more jumpsuits, she’d help her sell them. Since then, Ripley has been building an empire driven by a passion to lift women up. She’s made it her mission to ensure women of every size and shape feel gorgeous in her clothes.

Since 2014, the women-owned, made in America company has been rising steadily. Starting with a small LA factory and distributing from her home, the early years tested her, as she worked alongside her husband Ben to bring her vision to reality. But slowly, a community of women began to form around this brand; women inspired not only by Ripley’s timeless pieces, but also by her message. Long before celebrities took notice of Ripley’s clothes, her community of women were giving her crucial feedback on her designs, but most importantly encouraging her to, “Please, make more!”

With Ripley Rader, you give yourself the gift of dressing to feel your best self - unstoppable.

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