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Karl Lagerfeld Brand To Open Luxury Villas in Dubai

Karl Lagerfeld Brand To Open Luxury Villas in Dubai

Karl Lagerfeld‘s eponymous label is partnering with UAE-headquartered property developer Taraf Holding to keep bringing its high-end villas to other major cities around the world. For the label’s third foray into the residential space, Lagerfeld’s namesake legacy is readying to open a bevy of luxury branded villas in Dubai.

The fashion house opened its first set of residences in 2021 in Marbella, Spain, and then last year, introduced a handful in Malaysia. “We are not merely building villas; we are crafting unique lifestyle habitats,” explained Karl Lagerfeld’s CEO Pier Paolo Righi, who is, above all, looking to “bring Karl’s very unique idea of exclusive living to Dubai.” The villages will bring Lagerfeld’s “embrace the present and invent the future” mantra to life, tapping into the designer’s iconic creative ethos.

“By blending the artistry of design with the art of real estate, we look forward to offering an unparalleled experience,” Righi explains. Taraf Holding agrees that the residential venture is a major one, stating that Lagerfeld’s “signature design will reflect a uniqueness and sophistication,” and create an elevated, serene atmosphere.

While no imagery of the villas has surfaced yet, Lagerfeld’s Dubai properties are slated to open in the coming months. Stay tuned to Hypebeast for more details as they transpire.

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