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Rhythms that Speak Through INA NIA: Merging Genres, Connecting Hearts

Rhythms that Speak Through INA NIA: Merging Genres, Connecting Hearts

INA NIA stands out in the universe of melodic techno and tech house with a bold proposition. This artist, whose tirelessly exploratory spirit leads her to contemplate future incursions into afro house and experimental electronic music, envisions these genres as the next horizon to conquer. Her vision aims not only to enrich her sonic palette but also to open a creative dialogue full of freshness and versatility.

The single "Come Alive" exemplifies her ability to merge influences, creating a piece that captures the essence of her innovative sound and artistic vision. This track not only marks a milestone in her career but also symbolizes her constant search for renewal and artistic growth.

Through her music, Nia seeks to convey messages of empowerment and authenticity, inviting her listeners on a journey of self-discovery and emotional connection. Her art, more than a simple sonic expression, is a vehicle for change and inspiration.

The duality of INA and NIA reflects the complexity of her inner world, a duality that enriches her music and makes it resonate with a diverse audience. This multiplicity of facets ensures that her musical legacy is both varied and deeply human.

Before each performance, Nia immerses herself in a ritual that allows her to connect with her creative essence, mentally and emotionally preparing for the energetic exchange that will take place on stage. This deep connection with the audience is the heart of her performance, creating a shared space of intense emotions and unforgettable moments.

In a recent interview, INA NIA personally spoke to us about fashion, challenges, and the future of the industry.

When did your passion for music begin, and what led you to become a DJ, singer, songwriter, and producer?

My passion for music was ignited at an early age, around 5 years old. I was drawn to its ability to convey emotions and connect people. As I grew up, I experimented with different aspects of musical creation, eventually finding my place as a singer, songwriter, and producer, and all that led me to DJing. It's the freedom of expression and the power to move people that led me down this path.

How does your sense of fashion influence your artistic identity and your stage performances?

I see it as an extension of my music, allowing me to express myself visually and create a cohesive aesthetic that complements my sound. I try to maintain neutral colors with a futuristic look, while as INA I use brighter colors, and as NIA I stick to darker tones and a more futuristic appearance.

As an artist in the electronic music industry, what are some specific challenges you have faced, and how have you overcome them?

I have faced challenges such as standing out in a saturated market and navigating the ever-changing landscape of digital distribution and promotion. To overcome these challenges, I focus on perfecting my unique sound and brand, building a loyal fan base through authentic engagement, and staying adaptable and innovative in my approach to marketing and promotion.

Where do you think the genre of electronic music is headed, and how do you plan to be part of that evolution?

I believe the genre of electronic music will continue to evolve and break boundaries, incorporating elements from diverse genres and adopting new technologies. To be part of this evolution, I plan to stay true to my artistic vision while remaining open to experimentation and collaboration. By constantly pushing the limits of my own creativity and embracing innovation, I hope to contribute to the continuous evolution of electronic music.

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