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Sanita Ruzaite’s Dreams Came True While Sleeping on Silk Pillow Cases

Sanita Ruzaite’s Dreams Came True While Sleeping on Silk Pillow Cases

Entrepreneur Sanita Ruzaite started Silk Harmony with little more than a dream. English is not her first language, and she did not have a background in business or finance. What Ruzaite did know was how quality silk can benefit one’s skin and hair. The simple trick of sleeping on silk pillowcases can lead to clearer skin and smoother, shinier hair. With Silk Harmony’s popular, high-quality silk products, you can see a difference in your skin and hair overnight.

Ruzaite took a gamble by starting her own business, but she knew she needed to make a major change to her lifestyle. As a driving instructor, she was working over sixty hours a week and had no time to spend with her family. Because of her lack of experience, Ruzaite understood that she needed a guide to help her enter the world of e-commerce. Her mentors encouraged her to invest in her dream and aided her when she ran into obstacles along the way. Now that she is a successful entrepreneur, Ruzaite always encourages others to believe in themselves and that they can change their lives.

Another way she is advocating for lifestyle changes is through her brand, Silk Harmony. Switching from cotton to silk pillowcases may not seem like a big change because it is such a simple action, but allowing yourself small luxuries that improve your confidence is sometimes the key to inspiration and motivation. Silk Harmony’s Silk Sleep Collection includes a hypoallergenic pillowcase, sleep mask, and scrunchie, ideal for anyone with frizzy hair or sensitive skin. All of Silk Harmony’s products are made with 100% pure mulberry silk and are designed to prevent breakage and reduce frizz.

The brand also makes hair styling products. The Silk Heatless Curls Set includes one Silk Curl Ribbon, two Silk Scrunchies, one wide-tooth comb, and one claw clip, presented in a box with a magnetic clasp. The Silk Curl Ribbon creates beautiful, bouncy curls overnight while protecting hair by providing a gentle, frictionless experience. Reducing the amount of heat you use on your hair leads to healthier hair with less damage and dryness. With the Silk Heatless Curls Set, you will wake up with shiny, silky smooth curls every day, stress-free.

Looking good makes you feel good, and with Silk Harmony’s luxurious silk pillowcases and hair products, you can improve the health of your skin and hair without any hard work. This subtle change in confidence could be the first step toward a more exciting journey. For Ruzaite, Silk Harmony has made all the difference. She can work on her shop from anywhere, anytime, giving her plenty of time to spend with loved ones. Starting an e-commerce store has changed her life, and she hopes to inspire others to change theirs too.

As Silk Harmony grows, Ruzaite’s goals have gotten bigger. She plans to turn Silk Harmony into a million-pound-earning business and one of the most popular silk stores in the UK. With her incredible entrepreneurial spirit, Ruzaite will undoubtedly bring these dreams to life.

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