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Just Human: The Shades For A New Generation

Just Human: The Shades For A New Generation

Ashiko Westguard, fashion model and female empowerment leader rocks Just Human.

Inspired by humanity and created using all natural materials, Just Human has begun to build an impassioned base among bold millennial leaders such as model Shaun Ross and mountain climber extraordinaire Ashiko Westguard.

Stepping outside the box has been the calling card of this innovative and bold brand that set out to accomplish a revolution, quickly becoming the shades for a new generation. By fusing the world’s highest performance lenses into a cutting-edge luxury design—all handcrafted from sustainable materials in Japan—Just Human has captured the stylistic preference of countless fashion forward people around the globe.

Millennial leaders like Westguard choose Just Human shades for their fresh and trendy look and superior lens performance (which she affirms is ideal for enjoying the outdoors)

A renaissance woman with successful parallel careers as a fashion model, mountain climber, and female empowerment leader, Westguard established herself as a muse for tens of thousands of young women who dare to become anything they want to be in this world.
“I want women to see me and say, 'Wow, there’s so much possible that I can bring into my life independently and off my own work ethic. I do not need to simply be a product of my upbringing or pigeon-holed by society into one category. I can genre-bend and capitalize on each of my passions by making a career out of it.'"
Just Human is a part of moving stories of real people who make the most of the drive and creativity that characterizes them, positively impacting the world on a daily basis while flaunting classy and unique sunglasses to accentuate their own personal style.

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