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The new global trend that is bringing gardening to everyone

The new global trend that is bringing gardening to everyone

Plant-n-Pocket is an American invention that is poised to change the home gardening landscape.

For way too long gardening enthusiasts, plant lovers and avid home decorators in large metropolitan areas have seen their illusions thwarted by lack of space in residential and office complexes and the absence of a product that would make it easier to live their desired lifestyles.

When seasoned American inventor and entrepreneur, Richard “Big Rich” Bracke realized the plight so many people had been facing for lack of a better way, he decided to take matters into his own hands and create a solution everybody could benefit from.

After more than twenty years successfully developing and manufacturing top rated electronics and venturing into other inventions, Big Rich created something the entire world had been expecting: Plant-n-Pocket.

Regardless of space availability, people can now decorate their homes and offices with their favorite plants.

By designing the first and only free standing garden system that incorporates soil & water planting in a small footprint of space with water saving efficiency, Big Rich Bracke has achieved one of his life´s goals: helping people live a richer, more fulfilling life.

Plant-n-Pocket is an American made patent-pending product that excels thanks to its ease of use: setting up and planting 18 plants in less than 20 minutes has become possible. The product is small, lightweight, easy to move, and transport. This means everyone can use it to add as much life to their spaces, as desired.

In order to scale operations and allow more people to harvest the benefits (no pun intended) of this innovative product, the inventor has taken his creation to Kickstarter, in an effort to leverage the growing popularity of crowdfunding to ramp up Plant-n-Pocket´s production capabilities.

While creating something that provides value to everyone around the world is not an easy task, helping to fund it and becoming an early adopter is something all of us can do.

This new global trend is most definitely on the rise, will you be a part of it?

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