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The Secret Behind A Million-Dollar Smile: Dr. Justin Ranaan

The Secret Behind A Million-Dollar Smile: Dr. Justin Ranaan

Not every professional is lucky enough to rise to the top of their field, while being regarded by patients, colleagues and family members as a true prodigy and an outstanding human being.

In Beverly Hills, Dr. Justin Ranaan – who attended both USC and Harvard – has built a prestigious practice alongside his brother, Dr. Rodney thanks to their unwavering commitment to serving patients in a well rounded way.

Many Hollywood celebrities trust Dr. Ranaan with their million-dollar smiles, and as an award winning periodontist who understands the incalculable value of a healthy smile that projects warmth and confidence, for Justin work is paired with passion.

A remarkably dedicated individual, even from a young age, Dr. Ranaan studied Anthropology Biological Science and graduated Magna Cum Laude Latin Honors with a Bachelor of Science. Early on, Dr. Raanan had a passion for dentistry. He gained acceptance to the University of Southern California School of Dentistry. Through much studying, hard work, and a drive to succeed, he graduated with honors. Next, Dr. Raanan had the opportunity to specialize in the field of Periodontology. In this phase of his education and training, he attended the prestigious Harvard School of Dental Medicine wherein he received a Master of Medical Sciences (MMSc) in Oral Biology.

Today, he has mastered the art of personalized service, coupled with consolidated expertise and a sincere interest for every patient, making him the secret behind unique and unforgettable smiles.

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