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ALFI Foundation Fights For Endangered Wildlife

ALFI Foundation Fights For Endangered Wildlife
Following in the footsteps of philanthropic leaders of the past, business mogul and humanitarian Alshair Fiyaz paves the way for transformational environmental change. Driven by a philosophy of inspiring and investing in the human spirit, Fiyaz founded the ALFI Foundation, a charitable organization that has supported the endeavors of making our world a better place for over a decade.

For years, Fiyaz invested in a range of projects designed specifically to support the development of under-privileged individuals, communities and wildlife, and to empower social mobility, disregarding international borders and other ethnic and cultural boundaries. The ALFI Foundation believes in supporting organizations determined to influence positive change for current and future generations. Taking an entrepreneurial and multi-faceted approach to philanthropy, the Foundation considers projects and initiatives that are both positive and pragmatic.

The ALFI Foundation covers a wide spectrum of charitable efforts, including educational reform, eradication of disease, emergency shelter and relief, and wildlife conservation. Recently, a funding grant from the ALFI Foundation has supported the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation as it works to protect and restore the Tshiaberimu Gorilla ecosystem. This three-year project will support efforts to protect the lowland Gorillas of Virunga National Park in central Africa from extinction. Rampant poaching, destruction of habitat, and lack of support for gorilla conservation have driven this species to the brink of extinction. As a result, the population in Virunga National Park in the Mt. Tshiaberimu region has plummeted by over fifty percent in just ten years – from fifteen to seven individuals.

The ALFI Foundation’s funding will aid efforts to protect this species by expanding existing Gorilla habitat by 22%, or 1,500 acres, through land purchases from the local community, restoring and protecting the new habitat with trained rangers, and reintroducing 17 Gorillas that were recently rescued from Gorilla traffickers back into the wild in the newly secured and restored habitat of Mt. Tshiaberimu.

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