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TABAYER Makes a Statement During Paris Fashion Week

TABAYER Makes a Statement During Paris Fashion Week

One of the most vibrant fine jewelry houses has taken a new step towards market dominance by solidifying a privileged position within the global luxury market during Paris Fashion Week, where its second collection, titled “The Third Eye Series” made a stellar debut at an intimate friends-and-family event held at Ritz Paris. Top models like Lorena Haliti attended the event, making it an unforgettable evening.

As a motif and symbol, the “Eye” is a core element of TABAYER’s visual identity and philosophy. To Tabayer, the talisman stands for “wisdom, royal power, protection and longevity.” The Eye appeared in her first collection (unveiled in March, 2019) in the form of hybridized letter-and-ocular pendants and bracelets. “The Third Eye Series” is designed to encourage positive introspection and trusting ones intuition, while also expanding on the themes of energy, movement and freedom, which were introduced in March.

Fine jewelry connoisseurs were positively impacted during the unveiling, which undoubtedly marks a new stage for a brand that has been synonymous with exclusivity and refined taste.

Earrings and rings are a focus, all of which feature an interpretation or extrapolation of Tabayer’s chosen emblem. “The Look,” for example, is the name of a floating ring with an emerald iris and diamonds that function as eyelashes. “The Vision,” another unique and striking ring, sees an emerald pupil surrounded by emerald eyelashes, all of which are artfully set with diamonds that move with subtlety, adding an alluring tactile dynamic to the piece.

The eye is also represented with earrings that will be available in multiple shapes and lengths, whether standing out with spears tipped in emeralds and diamonds or dripping with diamond “tears of happiness.” These are modern heirlooms to be enjoyed and treasured, daily.

“I don’t want to create solely beautiful jewelry. I want to be sure that the collections I produce have deeper meaning, and that they all have this element of protection. The Third Eye Series builds on this theme while adding more playful elements. It also reminds us to connect with our own third eyes, and to listen to our instincts, allowing us to see beyond the obvious,” says Nigora Tabayer.

Select attendees were able to indulge in a night of careless freedom, engulfed in a luxurious and up-scale atmosphere during a beautiful dinner party, set against an impactful space and complete with high end cocktails and celebrities who made a point of enjoying the night to the fullest.

In the midst of immersive performances, glitzy and glamorous outfits and big smiles TABAYER made a statement that will certainly impact the face of luxury for the foreseeable future.

Attendees included Jessica Kahawaty, Leonie Hanne, Rania Fawaz, Nadya Hassan and more. TABAYER’s “The Third Eye Series” will be available in stores from the 27th of October.

For further information, please contact Vanessa Paz: vanessa@tabayer.com

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