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Ruby Dhalla: A Force of Evolution For Contemporary Global Politics

Ruby Dhalla: A Force of Evolution For Contemporary Global Politics
One of the most compelling and dynamic figures to emerge on the international political scene over the past decade has undoubtedly been Indian-Canadian Ruby Dhalla.

Dhalla has been a trailblazer in many respects- from being the first female politician of Indian descent elected outside of India- to being a notable pioneer of the digitization of political campaigns as highlighted by her current work in Ontario, Canada’s liberal party.

​Due, therefore, not only to her status as a female political leader, but also due to her innovative new methodologies of digital voter behavioral mapping- Ruby Dhalla has earned international distinction for her ability to move political campaigns worldwide into the modern era.

​In particular, Dhalla is opening up the LOAR- the law of accelerating returns that technology and digitization offers- to political campaigners who want to connect, get their message out, and create a groundsweel movement without having to use door to door conventional and largely outdated methods.

​Look for Dhalla, therefore, to lay impactful new foundations on the structuring of political movements across her sphere of influence- from Canada to India and Beyond.

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