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This Is New York City´s Best Kept Health And Balance Secret

This Is New York City´s Best Kept Health And Balance Secret

The relentless pace of everyday life can certainly deplete the best of us, especially in a large scale metropolis like New York City.

Hence, the life-saving importance of discovering and enjoying a bonafide urban oasis like AIRE Ancient Baths, a decadent temple of relaxation, conveniently located in the trendy Manhattan neighborhood of Tribeca.

As soon as you step inside, your daily worries and concerns seem to fade away, and your inner balance is almost immediately restored thanks to the unforgettably authentic atmosphere, superior customer service and unique relaxation rituals that have made this wellness hotspot a household name, and a favorite for a who´s who of Manhattan socialites and globally recognizable celebrities.

At AIRE Ancient Baths you´re free to choose between individual relaxation rituals, couple´s treatments and other superior quality experiences that are guaranteed to help you return to your zone.

Whether you´re looking for a quick escape from New York´s ceaseless movement or a full scope recovery program, AIRE has got you covered.

AIRE spaces are temples dedicated to the relaxation of body and mind in which time does not exist. Inspired by the tradition of baths from ancient Roman, Greek and Ottoman civilizations, the AIRE Experience always takes place in restored historical buildings in the center of cities. Taking water as the main element and creating an atmosphere of pure magic and sophistication around it, the AIRE Experience is complemented by a careful selection of massages and exclusive rituals.

Get lost in an ancient atmosphere and reminisce about ancient Roman and Greek civilizations as you accomplish perfect mind-body balance.

Discover AIRE Ancient Bath´s full treatment offering: beaire.com

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