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How Derek Williams is Becoming this Generation´s Fitness Icon

How Derek Williams is Becoming this Generation´s Fitness Icon
Before launching and scaling ATG Online Coaching, an innovative fitness system that prides itself in providing a seamless user experience while helping users develop strength and flexibility, Derek Williams – also known as Mr. 1nf1n1ty – was already putting his name on the history books as a gifted college basketball player obsessed with achieving superior performance.

Through a process of personal and professional growth, Derek fine tuned his entrepreneurial skills and created a new lifestyle standard for fitness enthusiasts everywhere, a cutting edge app that allows you to train under the digital tutelage of Mr. Williams and other world class athletes and coaches.

By always pushing himself to achieve excellence, and sharing his thoughts and recommendations with people around the globe on his acclaimed blog, Derek Williams keeps inspiring athletes and future fitness legends, effectively consolidating his position as the fitness icon and thought leader of this generation.

As a business founder, Derek has infused his own high standards and a firm determination to deliver a game-changing user experience into every aspect of ATG´s offering, as he discovers a new passion: connecting with others who wish to attain greatness, and guiding them in the right direction.

For Mr. Williams, mastering his own capabilities has been a life long quest, one which has required him to push himself continuously, but has also earned him as rock solid reputation as a global fitness leader, and an individual whose commitment to performing at the highest level has been manifested both on the court and in the boardroom.

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