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Why Ari Andersen´s New Podcast “Everything They Know” Can´t Be Missed

Why Ari Andersen´s New Podcast “Everything They Know” Can´t Be Missed

If you´ve ever used a technology service, be it a search engine, social media platform or even your own personal smartphone you must be familiarized with data tracking and are probably aware of the fact that multinational companies harness and utilize your personal information in a myriad of ways – most of them incentivized by the corporation´s own financial gains.

For Ari Andersen, an accomplished podcaster and creative visionary, this very issue has become an inspiration for his new project, a 10-episode podcast titled “Everything they know”. In this body of work, Ari explores the moral and ethical dilemmas associated with personal data and corporate policies surrounding its use.

Ari Andersen is the former host of top-ranked podcast Millennials Don’t Suck and the founder of Curious Audio, a podcast production company that’s creating shows on everything from business to hunger in America.

Before that, he was as a foreign policy advisor to Marianne Williamson started a mentorship program for teenage boys, and worked as a fundraiser for non-profits.

The issue explored by this podcast feels overwhelming because the power dynamics at play are so unbalanced. It feels like our entire lives depend on our ability to use and access these digital technologies, yet we know that they’re making everything worse.

The audience for this show is someone who’s looking for a place to start their process of education.

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