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How Bruce and Amber Steele Created America’s new Favorite Vodka

How Bruce and Amber Steele Created America’s new Favorite Vodka
Just outside Houston, TX a young and energetic couple makes modern day entrepreneurship look fun. For Amber and Bruce Steele, crafting a new breed of premium vodka has become their professional mission.

As parents, the young executives - who also actively participate in community affairs - have learned to become proficient at managing their time. And time is precisely the driving force behind their award winning brand: Timeless Vodka.

A silver medal winner of the prestigious ‘World Spirits Competition’ and one of the fastest growing independent premium vodka brands in the market, this product finds its unique roots in the hearts of its founders and sole owners.

When Amber and Bruce have time to relax (which admittedly, is not very often) they certainly make the most of it. Creating memories as they share an intimate gathering with close friends or some much deserved one on one time.

The founders quickly realized the power of the word “Timeless” and how it fits perfectly into their own lives, and the lives of selective consumers across America. And so, a new icon was born.

In only a few months, Timeless Vodka has gone from an idea to one of the new contenders in the space, with more and more connoisseurs choosing the white bottle brand over its better known competitors.

For Bruce and his wife Amber, the path forward is clear. We had a chance to speak with them about their goals and here’s what they told us:

Do you think the current vodka aficionado is looking for a more personalized consumption experience?

I do! People want a tailored experience and to feel connected while also being able to create their own unique Vibe. Timeless Vodka gives you that! We want every person and moment enjoyed with Timeless to be, well, Timeless! We truly want to capture the message in our bottle, Moments Matter, Make Them Timeless!

What are your goals for Timeless Vodka in the short term?

We have pretty lofty short term goals but I would have to say our number 1 goal is growth in the marketplace and gaining market share, while still maintaining a positive and unique customer experience. We value our retailers, restaurants, and bars just as much as we do our consumers so a positive experience for them while we grow is also a short and long term goal of ours!

Can you share with our readers what makes your product unique as far as ingredients and manufacturing process?

I would love to! Timeless Vodka is produced from corn using fresh mineral rich water. After we have distilled our product 4 times we use a unique coconut carbon filtration process to not only smoothen out our vodka but also remove additional impurities. Timeless is a uniquely smooth and gluten free vodka with a very light and neutral taste which has allowed this vodka to quickly become the product of choice from the seasoned mixologist to the first time buyer! Timeless is extremely diverse and crafted from bar to home!

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