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A Look Behind The Scenes With Uganda’s Lifeline - Kate Morgan

A Look Behind The Scenes With Uganda’s Lifeline -  Kate Morgan
Kate Morgan is a woman of many talents - from her highly successful filmmaking career, to her benevolent nature - Kate has created an astonishing reputation for herself for not only her talent, but her heart. The world can be a dark place at times - and people like Kate Morgan prove that even if you are a hundreds of miles away from a place or person that needs help, there is always a way to bring them light.

Chicago is where Kate was raised by her loving family, she was raised a Christian, and was taught from her early days that “if you have more than you need, you should take what you need - and give what is left to those who need it more”.

Kate has experience in various fields of work, volunteering and education - she has years of experience in leading projects and supporting in every way that she can with the Ugandan people and their area, she has a Masters Degree in English Rhetoric with Concentration in Linguistics, she experience and success in Journalism, has worked as a Press Secretary - and has made many great movies such as Vulvore and Hearts on Fire (which will be featured in the BeBop Channel Content Festival this year).

Covid-19 struck Uganda like harsh thunder - for an area where things were already so tough, Covid-19 made situations harder than ever before, with an already short food supply - delays on shipping and money shortages worldwide were absolutely horrific.

Kate had been helping out as much as she possibly could in orphanages and with other projects in Uganda previous to Covid-19, but the worldwide pandemic has caused for projects needing to be pushed ahead due to urgency - and the help and funding is needed now, more than ever.

Kate is involved in multiple organizations that are dedicated to helping this great cause - one of the organisations being the Voluntary Rural Community Empowerment Uganda. (VRCEU) is a Christian registered charity organization. It is a community organization that is working in the Bukedea District in the Rural Eastern part of Uganda in Africa, their work covers 7 parishes, 19 villages and over 2431 households. She also runs the Church of The Elohist Thelma - this is another Christian Organization.

Kate and her incredible team are currently fundraising for a huge variety of urgent projects - what we consider so easy to come by in our first world countries is something the people of Uganda do not actually have access to - an example being sanitary pads for young girls, who miss up to 5 days a month of school while menstruating - because they do not have access to health supplies or care that we do. This is unacceptable, and Kate and her team are doing all that they can to change this - along with many other important matters such as bringing to Uganda; medical/health, children orthopedic supplies, orthopedic/clubfoot treatment, child support - which include school fees, school/education supplies, sanitary pads, clothes, children medical supplies, infrastructure, school construction, solar powered boreholes construction, sustainable agriculture, ox-plough supply, new seed supply and education on global warming and re-forestation - as well as roof and building material for hospitals and orphanages.

Kizito and Chris are Kate’s “inside” team, they live in Uganda - and do a lot of incredible work within the orphanages along with a range of other much needed work to help support the children of their area. They are the communication between Uganda and Texas - where Kate resides.

Kate and her team have sponsored three planting projects in the area. They are most focused on growing beans, as this is a filling and flexible ingredient.

Along with the successful planting projects - Kate and her team have also funded 4 successful reconstructive surgeries for Clubfoot - this is a serious issue in Uganda. It is considered a “bad omen” within the Ugandan people, meaning many families abandon their children if they have this disability. The surgery is needed now more than ever - with the amount of Clubfoot cases rising all the time.

More people need to follow in the footsteps of Kate Morgan and her team - although these issues may be a long way from your couch, it does not mean they aren’t happening. Change needs to happen in this world - and Kate and her team are part of a seriously important movement that needs to be trending.

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