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How Valyou Successfully Sparked A Furniture Revolution

How Valyou Successfully Sparked A Furniture Revolution
Life in Hawaii is full of perks; And while lots of sunshine, privileged surfing spots and mouthwatering food are certainly on the list, until recently, furniture shopping certainly was not.

In this tropical paradise, furniture shopping can be a strenuous process. With limited access to inventory, wide selection, affordability and style, furniture prices in Hawaii are often six times as expensive as most brands on the mainland. Hawaiians are often forced to pay excessive prices for regular furniture items, due in part to outlandish shipping costs. For instance, the least expensive sofa from a typical furniture store in Hawaii would be in the $3000 range. But despite Hawaii’s abundance of grossly overpriced furniture, for Valyou Furniture co-founder, Shaul Rappaport, it was time for a furniture revolution.

With the creation of Valyou Furniture, Rappaport effectively re-imagined the furniture world and set out to offer consumers great style, design, high quality as well as affordable pricing. And while their roots are in Hawaii with three standing showrooms, today, Valyou additionally operates out of their Las Vegas warehouse that allows them to quickly ship to all 50 states. As the newcomer to the furniture game, Valyou came onto the scene with stylish, modern designs and superior customer service.

Perhaps one of the brand´s key strategic advantages is its flexible and innovative business methodology. With ownership of their own factories and various warehouses ready on demand to ship out furniture, Valyou’s online clientele has skyrocketed.

The brand’s sleek and simple webpage even features design ideas to help customers feel inspired when choosing pieces to furnish their home.

Customers have even made note of their unboxing experiences when products arrive, mentioning how simple, clean and streamlined the Valyou delivery process is. The brand has quickly cemented its place in today´s fast-paced and ever changing commercial landscape.

And since many industries have since gone completely digital in light of the current pandemic-induced state of the world, Valyou has perfected the furniture-buying experience with its modern take on discovering stylish, yet affordable furnishings exclusively online.

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