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Overcoming A Toxic Relationship With The Relationship Recovery’s Kierstyn Franklin and Tiffany Denny

Overcoming A Toxic Relationship With The Relationship Recovery’s Kierstyn Franklin and Tiffany Denny

Leaving a toxic relationship can be very difficult and sometimes you may need support in healing. The Relationship Recovery was created to do just that. Started by life and health coaches and former victims of abuse, Tiffany Denny and Kierstyn Franklin, The Relationship Recovery strives to be a helping hand to those who have and are still struggling with toxic relationships.

The Relationship Recovery has created a space for survivors to seek help and company through events, retreats, group coaching, one-to-one coaching, and two-to-one coaching programs. They have an amazon best seller book called “The Break Up Book of Affirmations: Words of Encouragement to Help You Move On”, as well as a podcast, The Relationship Recovery Podcast, that reaches thousands who also struggle with past or current relationships.

Due to their incredible impact, Kierstyn Franklin and Tiffany Denny decided to launch an App in order to expand their reach to women worldwide. The Relationship Recovery App is designed to give survivors step-by-step guidance on what to do after coming out of an abusive relationship. The App includes information on where and how to seek out resources for victims, since most are left to fend for themselves and paralyzed due to the experienced trauma – making it difficult to know how to move forth with life. The mission of the Relationship Recovery App is to provide the utmost support for women, to get them back on their feet.

In hour-long virtual workshops titled “How to Identify & Heal From Gaslighting & Manipulation”, The Recovery Relationship shares their wealth of knowledge on identifying and recovering from manipulation by providing four healing tools to help conquer and counteract gaslighting. Toxic relationships come in all shapes and sizes – from romantic partners, family members, to co-workers and friends. The Relationship Recovery is helping victims of toxic relationships take back the narrative by helping them identify gaslighting and manipulation. They are lending a helping hand to a group of individuals that is typically forgotten about. Although the media is all about spotting red flags and toxic relationships, there is not a whole lot of guidance for those who decide they have finally experienced too many of these red flags in their own relationships. The Relationship Recovery gives this group a way to heal from past relationship trauma. In their virtual workshops, The Relationship Recovery grants help to victims, as they learn to recognize and heal from gaslighting and manipulation, so that one can step into their own power and become self aware when gaslighting is happening. The tools learned from this workshop are all tangible tools that all can immediately start to implement into their life, leaning into a journey of healing and learning mechanisms to deal with gaslighting and manipulation trauma.

The Relationship Recovery has geared their work, including their life-changing workshops, to help anyone who has recently left a toxic relationship, feels that they might be currently in one, and/or is struggling to recover from a toxic relationship. It’s an important part of the The Relationship Recovery mission to be as accessible as can be, which is why life coaches Tiffany Denny and Kierstyn Franklin have made their workshops include a replay link that lasts for up to 14 days, ensuring that those who can not attend the live workshop can still benefit from the program’s resources. Going above and beyond, The Relationship Recovery has also made their workshops “pay what you can”, so the price is what you decide. This allows their resources to become accessible to as many people as possible, despite varying financial situations. The Relationship Recovery is truly doing all that they can to help victims of abuse find peace internally, and in their relationships. Life coaching typically has quite the steep price tag, and The Relationship Recovery is leading the way by making life coaching affordable and accessible to all.

Many victims of toxic relationships can feel lonely and like they have no one to turn to. The Relationship Recovery strives to create a community for women and victims of toxic relationships to feel safe and allow them to heal. The community that Tiffany Denny and Kierstyn Franklin have created with The Relationship Recovery is showing victims that they are not alone, and their virtual workshops are just one example of that and the community they have created. With their one-to-one coaching and virtual workshops, The Relationship Recovery has helped countless victims by giving them the tools and advice needed to become survivors of toxic relationships.

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