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ChatGPTini? This San Francisco Bar Is Selling a Cocktail Created With AI

ChatGPTini? This San Francisco Bar Is Selling a Cocktail Created With AI

ChatGPT has given some people the skeevies. For others, the AI-powered language model is a complete game-changer—even in fields seemingly unrelated to tech.

In the world of booze, a San Francisco bar has created a new cocktail using the powers of ChatGPT, Eater SF reported on Thursday. Raven Bar, a dance club in the city, debuted the CraftGPT earlier this month, billing it as the first AI-created cocktail on a bar menu in the city.

“This is a new and truly unique experience that you can only get at Raven,” David Luu, the bar’s general manager, said in a statement (which also used ChatGPT in its creation). “We wanted to see how the capabilities of this new AI Technology would compare to the skills of our talented in-house mixologists, and we must say, we are highly impressed by what both our team, and ChatGPT created.”

To dream up the CraftGPT, the team at Raven gave the technology a specific flavor profile to work with, as well as certain ingredients it could and could not use in the drink. The bar wanted a mezcal cocktail in particular, so ChatGPT analyzed dozens of drinks that use the agave liquor. It settled on a recipe incorporating guajillo-chili-pepper-infused mezcal, fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, blood orange, and Firewater bitters. Luu then tested the recipe and tweaked it to get the right balance between sweet, sour, and smoky, adding lemon, honey, and mint.

“This innovative pairing of Raven Bar’s Throwback Theme, and ChatGPT’s forward-thinking technology, represents a blending of ‘old-school and new-school’ which mix together to create a fresh experience,” Luu said. “It’s a new frontier in cocktail making, where the combined powers of human creativity and AI technology lead to exciting new taste profiles in our drinks.”

There has been some talk of ChatGPT taking over jobs in the tech or media worlds, as companies play around with how the AI could be used to carry out certain tasks. Now, with Raven Bar’s implementation of the tech, some bartenders and mixologists might be getting worried as well. But they shouldn’t fret, since it seems like a real person’s palate is still necessary to ensure that the cocktails are up to snuff.

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