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An Exclusive Interview With Ayox: Afrobeat´s Biggest Rising Star.

An Exclusive Interview With Ayox: Afrobeat´s Biggest Rising Star.

In the heart of Nigeria's Ondo State, inside the pulsating city of Akure, a unique sound was born. Nestled amidst the swirl of indigenous rhythms and records passed down from a loving father, Ayox, born Ayomide Bakare Iyanuoluwa, found his calling. Following his father's untimely death, Ayox turned to music, with the grief and memories morphing into a muse that continues to guide his craft.

Today, Ayox – the 'Blownboii' or 'Sad Boy' as his adoring fans dub him – stands tall as one of the most thrilling revelations in Africa´s rich music landscape. The Afrofusion trailblazer has captivated the hearts of millions, scoring a monumental 4.3 million streams on Apple Music and 10 million spins on Audiomack.

Fuelled by the resonating success of chart-busters like "Pray For Me" and "Comfort Zone", Ayox is upping the ante with his latest musical offering - "Cocaina". This fresh drop, brought to life under the banner of G Production and BU VZN, spins the tale of a playboy's infatuation for a dancer he just met. The provocative title, drawn from a UK dancer's name, sets the stage for the intoxicating thrill of love.

"Cocaina'' marks a significant breakthrough in Ayox's starry journey, launching under the wing of renowned music virtuosos Djibril Gibson Kagni's G Production and Bu Thiam's Bu Vision. "He discovered me on Instagram, in a time when I was searching for the next step to elevate my career," shares Ayox, remembering the moment when his cover of Libianca's 'People' caught the attention of Kagni.

Both Kagni and Thiam, the latter being the sibling of global sensation Akon, were quick to notice the dynamite that is Ayox. This signing solidifies Ayox's footprint in the industry and propels him closer to his towering aspirations.

Despite his skyrocketing fame, Ayox remains true to his roots. He diligently pursues his studies at Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, while never losing sight of his dream to grace the world with more of his artistic magic.

With "Cocaina" and his unwavering commitment to his craft, Ayox serves as a shining beacon for young talents across Africa. His music, deeply ingrained with personal stories and cultural heritage, strikes a chord with global listeners, solidifying his spot as Afrobeats´ gleaming prodigy.

The saga of Ayox is an awe-inspiring narrative of a young boy fueled by passion and sculpted by life's trials.

“Cocaina” by Ayox is out now.

“Sad Boy” himself recently granted us an interview in which he discussed life, music and his goals:

When did you first discover your talent for music?

My Second year in junior school; Although I grew up listening to different music, my dad had big shelves where he keeps records of so many legendary artists while my Mum sings the indigenous song of our town; I just discovered I can actually make my own music when I got into junior school.

What makes Ayox different from other artists?

My sound is a combination of my experience, My thoughts, my pains and my reality, and no matter how many artists we have in this world and how talented they are, they can never have my experience and that alone makes me stand out from everyone else.

How did you come to work with legendary music mogul Gibson Kagni and GProduction?

He found me on Instagram after I made a cover to Libianca’s song PEOPLE.

I met him at a point where I wasn’t really sure of what I needed to do to move to the next level of my career and after we spoke and I saw how big his vision for my craft is, I was convinced and a few days after he flew to Nigeria and we agreed to start working together. It was all destiny.

What is your favorite song that you’ve made?

All of my songs are my favorite, cause every single one of them has a story and a purpose behind it, but there’s this particular song I made at the lowest point of my life. It's called Early 20´s. It would definitely be on my EP.

What can you tell us about this new single?

My New Single Cocaina is the story of a playboy who fell in love with a female dancer he just met. It’s a Love song I wrote last June based on how I was feeling at that point about someone.

But the title was from the name of a UK Dancer , and I feel like the name is somehow strange yet beautiful so I just named the song Cocaina.

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