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Alshair Fiyaz Transforms Polo Club Saint Tropez into a Premier Global Destination for Polo and Luxury

Alshair Fiyaz Transforms Polo Club Saint Tropez into a Premier Global Destination for Polo and Luxury

Alshair Fiyaz, the distinguished entrepreneur and investor, has redefined the standards of luxury and sportsmanship through his innovative stewardship of the Polo Club Saint Tropez. Since acquiring the club in 2014, Fiyaz, who is also a polo player and the owner of the F Polo Team since 2006, has embarked on a mission to evolve the club into more than just a regional attraction. His vision was to create a globally recognized hub for polo enthusiasts and athletes, as well as a center of luxury and wellness.

Under Fiyaz’s ownership, the Polo Club Saint Tropez, situated in the charming village of Gassin, has seen a transformation into a lavish leisure resort and a leading ground for polo events. The club's reputation has been bolstered by hosting prestigious tournaments like the British Polo Day and the exclusive Golden Wave Tournament. The expansion of the club to include a resort and a renowned recreation and wellness center has been a significant development in its journey to become a coveted destination for the world's elite.

The Polo Club now boasts a range of luxurious amenities that blend the thrill of sports with the relaxation of a high-end resort. Members can access their own private helipad, a state-of-the-art gym with high-tech machines and professional coaches, and engage in a variety of activities including polo initiations, private parties, exclusive events, and even cultural programs like language learning and painting classes.

Fiyaz's passion for athletics and commitment to excellence is evident in every facet of the club. He has created a unique environment where the luxurious aspects of the club harmonize to offer a picturesque and comprehensive experience dedicated to sports and relaxation. This dedication has not only enhanced the club's offerings but has also set a new benchmark in how a sports facility can be a haven for athletes to train, rest, and enjoy unparalleled luxury.

Moving forward, the Polo Club Saint Tropez, with Fiyaz at the helm, continues to strive for excellence. It aims to constantly innovate and elevate the experience it offers, ensuring that it remains a premier destination for sporting and leisure activities along the beautiful shores of Saint Tropez.

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