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Of Transition, Rebirth and Self Discovery: Why Bardo Group Embodies The Very Best of Tulum

Of Transition, Rebirth and Self Discovery: Why Bardo Group Embodies The Very Best of Tulum
Bardo Tulum (Image: Courtesy)

Far from the overcrowded and narrow streets where self discovery and spiritual balance are seldom found, a trio of curated properties offer conscious travelers a unique opportunity to rediscover the true essence of their inner bliss and balance.

Bardo Group - comprised of three iconic and painstakingly curated hospitality concepts - is raising the vibe, changing the state and bringing back the deepest level of connection between nature and the elements in a way that is seldom found in the world of today's fast paced and flavorless standardized travel; Granted, there is something that every type of traveler prefers, but for those who value exclusivity, attention to detail, privacy and the freedom to rediscover their true nature at its finest expression there is nowhere better to be.

We recently visited the group´s three iconic properties: Una Vida - the spot that started it all - Bardo, an iconic oasis of inner peace and understated luxury and Milam, which is set to open its doors in late 2023 and promises to become the crown jewel of Tulum hospitality. Our impressions can hardly be put into words.
Una Vida Tulum (Image: Courtesy)

At Una Vida, families and leisure travelers will enjoy a beautiful ensemble of boho chic elements, an oversized swimming pool that is as inviting as it is iconic and flawless interior design and decoration, coupled with a relaxed gourmet menu and the warmth of a staff that makes each guest feel like they are at home.

While staying at Bardo, we found a timeless homage to the transitional states that make life truly worth living - surrounded by water, fire and the incomparable sacred scent of copal we were able to leave all of our worldly concerns behind and become fully immersed in a journey of self healing and profound spiritual transformation.

From the yoga and breathwork workshops, to the authentic temazcal experience, every single detail comes together in a symphony of effortless harmony to make you feel like you've arrived to an idyllic space where life is everything it was meant to be.

Take a sip of artisanal mezcal or indulge in Milum Restaurant´s Yucatecan fusion cuisine, book a spa treatment, partake in a carefully guided ice bath ritual or sleep in, the choice is yours; One thing is certain, once you get here and settle in, you might never want to leave.

We did not even feel the need to drive out to the beachfront spots as the lush rainforest settings, private villas with oversized plunge pools and the world class amenities exceeded all of our expectations.

This is a space where you can be yourself, and everyone you encounter will greet you with a smile, making you feel like this place is your place.

Each and every detail has been lovingly curated and when you add everything up, the experience is otherworldly.

Milam, on the other hand, promises to become Tulum´s new icon. Only 15 minutes away from the new airport, you will no longer need to commute for almost two hours to arrive. Whether you´re flying in from the States, Europe or Mexico, Milam is certainly the most ambitious project that Bardo Group has embarked on thus far.

An ultra exclusive spot that will only be open to guests promises to host a who's who of discerning world travelers at its stunning villas and magnificent residences.

Milam Tulum (Image: Courtesy)

Architecturally, Milam is in a category of its own, seamlessly blending the charm of the mayan jungle with all the elements that even the most picky of luxury travelers would expect from a top tier hotel. But, you will have to wait and see, all we can say is: there is nothing else like it in this marvelous destination, and perhaps nothing like it anywhere else on earth.

Bardo Group is undoubtedly spearheading a revolution in conscious luxury travel, and we are certain that once you stay at one of its marvelous properties, you won't even think about booking anywhere else; And you won't have to! This unparalleled hospitality ecosystem is closing the gap by granting access to the very best that each property has to offer, so book a stay at Bardo and enjoy Una Vida. Forget your worries at Milam and transition to a whole different world when visiting Bardo - the choice is yours. The only requirement: to enjoy every minute of your experience, which will not be challenging…that, we can guarantee.

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