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Unleashing superpowers : Empowerment through Rusty Gunther’s Coaching Compass of healthy habits

Unleashing superpowers : Empowerment through Rusty Gunther’s Coaching Compass of healthy habits

Be it a medium or large size company or simply an individual searching for excellency in workforce and personal goals, Rusty Gunther’s approach into coaching and consulting will provide you with the right resources to reach your end goals and possibly even surpass your own expectations for both your company and your inner self.

With a strong background in the sales and insurance industry, Gunther has been excelling in every journey he embarked, whether it was through running a franchise in the food sector or through his enlightening journey through the insurance industry. He excelled at top district performances and shined through management excellency. His career path was outlined towards creating a stable environment for himself and coworkers and learning how in order to become a better leader and mentor he needed to be constantly asking hard questions : Am I doing the best for that person?

By being the type of mentor that leads by example and out of love, Gunther sets himself apart, as the living proof that a humane and habit driven approach can in fact, positively propel your business and personal life. His addictive personality and sobriety journey has set him under vulnerable positions in his past, where in moments where he lacked the inner resources to manage his own unhealthy behaviors, put setbacks into unleashing his true potential and journey into self discovery. Through perseverance, he learned how to transform his “weaknesses” into his own superpower and changed his habits in remarkable matters. By having his own coach, creating a detailed and meticulous plan of his everyday chores and goals or even challenging himself into a 75 hard day challenge, with no alcohol or cheat meals, he managed to build effective time management skills, while at the same time, becoming his healthier and improved self. His own case, is an example of how in order for any long term vision to be accomplished, small steps and changes in habits need to occur, which starts from the micro level of our individual selves and by having consciousness of the environment we are situated in and whether what we are listening, watching, talking or experiencing, is allowing us to live intentionally towards our purposes.

Rusty’s success comes from a place of care and personalized treatment, where it is aimed through a one to one relation coaching, the understanding of clients needs : what their goals are and where they’re at in relation to that goal! In essence, what is most important for you and your organization. Although it may seem challenging to start or maintain healthy habits, through humane and loving coaching, his highlights how success can in fact be reached, and that although we all have aspirations that are greater than where we are today , we don’t have to go through them alone, and reaching out to help is an immense symbol of strength. This mentality has helped not only him, but his clients as well. One of his many success cases that truly captures the essence of his humane and personal connection with his clients, was a case where he was able to incorporate his love for his family and creative mindset into helping one of his clients that was battling through the hardships of having a healthy diet. By creating a physical reminder to assist him with his client’s purpose, Gunther and his daughter made a “friendship bracelet” for his client as a simple yet effective mechanism to set a physical reminder of the person’s every day goal of having a healthy diet. This type of connection is exactly what Gunther aims : a personal and warm relation that extends beyond the business field and aims at directioning every client into having a winning mindset.

Every organization needs employees and leaders that make good decisions in both professional and their personal lives, and there is no better way to achieve long term vision for any level of business than through assigning short term goals and critically thinking about what are the habits we need to do to get us closer to our goals? When those habits are not clear or better management and guidance are needed, having a source of expert help that understands both the sales industry on how to improve their sales and how to be in control of your time and priorities is essential.

Book a consultation for a complimentary, customized, workshop on topics that you would like your team to hear such as top producer mindset, general unlimited referrals, time management, asking questions that get your prospects to lean in, building a sales culture, onboarding systems done the right way and many more.

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